Monday, 27 June 2011

Here Comes The Sun

It was so hot I could hardly move. I lay in a darkened living room watching Murray thinking all the stress was not good for me. I think Murray should carry a health warning for all those with heart/blood pressure problems. The cats are also having problems and are tetchy to say the least, they keep looking at me as though it is all my fault. At least Murray won in straight sets so the anxaity didn't last for long. Roll on Wednesday when we have to do it all over again. Thought we were going to get a break in the weather around three when big fat raindrops fell but they evaporated on hitting the ground and then stopped falling altogether within a few minutes and so not only was it hot but it was also humid, brilliant!

After the excitement of the Murray match we endured the excitement of Costco, stores have been seriously depleated since I went into hospital so some urgent stocking up was needed. The trip needed a wheelchair, again, but it was very quiet so we whizzed arouund without any problems at all. The weather combined with the late hour meant we decided to forego the trip to IKEA to look for storage solutions for the drug mountain that is currently sitting in our hall. We will tackle that one later in the week when hopefully it will be a bit cooler.

Our new bins from the council arrived today. When the drug mountain arrived it quickly became apparent that our waste output, especially paper and card would increase by almost half what we produce now. As our current bins were full to capacity each fortnight we knew we needed more space so called the council. We explained the problem and they were very quick to offer to swap our current bins for bigger ones, they even do a special bin for medical waste, which I was unaware of. So we now have larger paper and general waste bins and a special bin for lines rubber gloves etc. The needles are removed in a sharps bin by Healthcare so no need to worry about them and the syringes can go for recycling. The cassettes go in the medical waste as they usually still have medication in them when discarded. all sorted so one more thing not to worry about.

Talking of Healthcare at Home I had a welcome package from them today explaining their system, providing emergency numbers and giving me the name of my personal contact person. They also included a spreadsheet detailing all the stuff I should get delivered. However, and this is the clever part, they will phone two weeks before my next delivery is due. Using the spreadsheet I have to count up how many of each thing I have left and pass the figures when they phone. They will then work out how much I need for the next month and deliver it two weeks later. This way I'll never run out of stock or have too much of something. Hopefully this will reduce the monthly mountain to something more managable, like a hill. Will the system work? Well I expect there will be teething problems but it all sounds quite promising.

This evening I'm lying here again watching Nadal. The sun has long since disappeared behind thick black clouds and it is hot and humid and very, very still. I've had to water my tomatoes as the promised rain has yet to arrive and they were beginning to droop. I will be so disappointed if we don't get a storm or at least a heavy shower to freshen the atmosphere. The cats are very restless and jumpy which I am taking as a good sign.

Andrew is off to a meeting about the future of his Karate club tonight following the sudden death of one of the key trainers. He is worried that the club might close down as it was already struggling for members. I hope for his sake they decide to carry on as he will be so disappointed if they fold.

I've got to get off my backside in a minute and prepare my medication for the next twenty four hours. It is too dammed hot to be fiddling with syringes and needles with hands covered in a double wrapping of sterile surgical gloves. I shouldn't grumble at least I only have to do it once a day and it really doesn't take that much time. If only it would rain and cool things down, please!