Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Singing In The Rain

It has been a day for having the weight lifted off shoulders. So many good things have happened I hardly know where to start.

Went to my GP first thing to get some anti nausea tablets in preparation for my next dose increase on Thursday. I'm now reaching the levels that most commonly cause problems so have been told to be prepared just in case. In some ways I wish I didn't know I might be sick because it is bound to play on my mind and I'll think myself sick. Hopefully these things will stop it in it's tracks.

After GP it was off to do the Tesco run, we didn't have much to get so I decided to go without the chair and see how I got on. Would you believe I managed without having to sit down or lean on anything! It was very slow progress but I did it! The rain started on our way back and I breathed a sigh of relief, no trundling around with a watering can for me today.

Arrived home to find a big brown envelope from the DWP sitting on the mat. I ripped the envelope open dreading what I was about to read. To my utter astonishment my claim for Disability Living Allowance was successful, not only do I now have the higher rate of mobility but also the higher rate of care. Apparently having a twenty four hour iv infusion means I need twenty four hour care and so I'm entitled to the higher rate. I felt like the sun had come out again, even though it was pouring, no tribunal for me this year. They have only awarded me until 2014 though as I have been put forward for transplant so by the time the next review comes around I might not need the care I'm getting now. Understandable I suppose but irritating. Still I really cannot complain, I've got more than I was expecting.

Feeling good I decided to visit my work colleagues this afternoon. This would mean driving, something I haven't done with the pump yet even though I was told it was OK to do so over a week ago. I was worried about the seat belt rubbing on the entry site and my fears were well founded, I was quite sore by the time I arrived. It was lovely to see everyone again but quite nerve wracking. No one that I know has seen me with my pump yet and I wasn't sure how they would react. I shouldn't have worried they took it all in their stride. They were curious, of course, and asked lots of questions but no one went 'yuck' or seemed to have a problem with it. They all thought I looked really well, which helped the confidence and made me feel less like a freak. Liza overheard me saying about the seatbelt rubbing and instantly offered a padded cover, how kind was that. I tried it out on the way home and it really helped. Just to prove how normal everything was two of my colleagues decided to have a 'frank exchange of views' while I was there. Nice to see things haven't changed. Going back to work was one of the things I was most worried about, seeing my colleagues again I see that I was being an idiot, to them I am just me no matter what bits and pieces I have attached, it proves what a great bunch of people they really are.

Driving home through the rain I felt real happiness again and found myself singing along to the radio, something I haven't felt like doing in months. I just know I'm going to pay for all this exertion tomorrow but what the heck, as long as I can prop myself up enough to watch Murray defend his corner in Center Court I really don't care.