Monday, 6 June 2011

One Way Or Another I'm Going To Get You.

Well I am amazed, I woke up this morning convinced that I wouldn't hear anything from the hospital until tomorrow (Tuesday) at the earliest so when the call came at midday I almost fell off my chair. I'm to go in on Wednesday morning because they want to repeat a few tests and I'm booked into theatre at two on Thursday afternoon to have my line put in. Brilliant! So, so pleased. It looks as though they moved with some haste once the OK came through. This time next week I could be feeling so much better, I can hardly contain my excitement. Hot footed it to Tesco's this afternoon to stock up on Tangtastics, shower gel and paper hankies. I then un packed and re packed my bag just to make sure I hadn't forgottne anything, I bet I will though, I always do.

There is a couple of slight downsides though. The drug has only been approved for three months. After that my case will be reviewed before further permission is granted. Now I don't know what that means exactly. I cannot see my drug being withdrawn after the three months, unless it isn't working of course, but never say never. This is something I am going to clear up with my consultant once I go in. I suspect it has got something to do with me going on the transplant list as that is the only reason I can think of. The second thing is a real biggy for me. I have to stop taking my Warfarin from tonight in preparation for the procedure BUT I have to have it replaced for two days by another drug called clexane which I AM GOING TO HAVE TO INJECT into my stomach. ARRRRGGGGHHHH! Just how is a needle phobic supposed to do that? I feel faint even thinking about it. I just hope I can reason myself into it or I'm going to have to let my budding paramedic do it.

Halfords claim that they will reply to my complaint within five working days turned out to be a bit of a porky. What a surprise! I am not giving up though and have the bit between my teeth on this one. I have tracked down the owner of the retail park and have sent an email to them with my original email to Halfords (including picture) attached. One way or another I'm going to get someone to take notice. Next step is the local council and if I have to our local radio consumer programme. I don't know what angers me most. The fact that they blocked off the disabled bays or that they haven't contacted me yet. Maybe they think if they ignore it I'll go away. BIG mistake.

Andrew returned all smiles from his Physics exam so I'm assuming all went well. One down, one to go, Psychology tomorrow. So glad I am here to see it through. Once tomorrow is over he is going all out to try and find a little part time job as he needs to get his driving licence as part of the entry conditions for the paramedic course. Of course, if he is unlucky, I will pay for his lessons but I think it is rather nice that he wants to do it himself.

Finally I was delighted to look out on the back lawn last night to see a hedgehog snuffling around looking for worms and slugs. I didn't know we had a hedgehog in the garden and I am thrilled. He/she was quite a large hedgehog and had a good turn of speed. I'm hoping that it is female and will be have a few babies accompanying her one night.