Saturday, 25 June 2011

Talking 'bout My Generation

I have to ask, what is the point of Glastonbury? I know all about the 'experience' of  'being there' but if the 'experience' means being cold, wet and covered in mud then that is an experience I'm willing to forego. I mean come on, would any sane person look at the quagmire and think 'lovely, must go there next year'? Maybe it's my age but I like to think it is my common sense that considers watching it in the comfort of my own living room where I can actually see AND hear the acts is better.

So sad to hear that Peter Falk has died. I absolutely loved Columbo when I was younger and even now try and catch the re runs where possible. When I think back to it the hero's of my youth were not all pretty boys, most were down right ugly, think Streets of San Francisco and Karl Malden. OK there were some but they were more like shop dummy's than real men, thinking Hawaii 5O here.I liked Columbo because I liked the way he worked things out, I must have been terribly naive when I first watched them because now I can tell 'whodunnit' within the first few minutes. The detectives of today's shows are not people you can care about and the shows themselves are more style over substance. Sometimes progress is not a good thing.

Talking of progress I had an unusual phone call this morning. A man from the DWP rang (yes I know, on a Saturday) and said he was about to make a decision on my claim but needed some more information on my change of medications. After establishing that he was who he said he was, well wouldn't you be suspicious about a civil servant working on a weekend, I explained all about the pump and the difficulties it created. He was very nice and we talked for about half an hour, mainly about what help I needed from others to look after my pump. He mentioned the fact that I'd had to go to tribunal last time and although he didn't say so outright he gave the impression that this wouldn't happen this time around. He actually mentioned increasing my entitlement because as far as he was concerned having the pump meant needing twenty four hour care. As though not being able to do anything for myself BEFORE the pump meant I didn't need care! One thing that he said that was interesting is that the new criteria required a claimant to need a certain level of care for at least three months before any claim or increase can be granted. Also you have to expect to need that level of care for at least six months. How stupid is that! OK it is easy to know how long you've been ill but impossible to gauge how long you are likely to continue to be ill unless you have a long term condition. For me, I admit, it is easier than for most as I know that I'll be on the pump until I get a transplant but not everyone can tell how longer they are going to be ill for. I did point out that I am terminally ill and that would indicate that I'm likely to be ill for much longer than six months. Anyway I think I satisfied him and he said I would be getting his decision in the next week or so. From what he said it sounds as though the question is no longer whether I'm entitled to what I already get but whether I meet the criteria for an increase. I just hope I've read it right as I don't know if I've got the energy for another fight. Though as Peter pointed out just turning up in my wheelchair with my pump and oxygen would probably win my case without me even having to open my mouth. That's not the point though, I shouldn't ever have to take it that far. I'll let you know when I have news.

I haven't felt to well today. I have a sore throat and a stuffy nose. It would just be my luck to go down with a cold just as I was beginning to feel better. I have a GP appointment on Monday for a check up so will hopefully get myself sorted out before it really grabs hold. Being ill will delay my drug increase, if you are already ill it is more difficult to gauge any side effects, so naturally it is important that I shake this before Thursday. In the meantime I'm gargling with cider vinegar and honey in the hope of staving off the worst of it.

The planned trip out has been delayed and I've spent the afternoon trying to follow the tennis. I say trying because annoyingly I keep dropping off and missing large chunks of it. I'm now not sure if the tiredness is part of my cold or one of the side effects, bloody fed up with it whatever.