Thursday, 2 June 2011

I Saw A Mouse, Where? There By The Stair.

I found a gift today. It was small, gray, very smelly and dead at least three days. Ah the joys of having cats around the house. Usually gifts are fresher and left on the half landing of the stairs so they are easy to spot. Sometimes they are found when stepped on whilst getting a drink in the middle of the night. The whole house tends to know when I get one of those gifts. Today's offering had obviously escaped and eventually died whilst hiding under the settee. I have two cats. Smirnoff is a born mouser and I only get gifts when he really wants to please me, mostly I just find bits after he has finished his snack. Tarmac (yes I know it is a VERY silly name) on the other hand likes to give me things that are still alive. He is hopeless. Once he brought a mouse in during film night and just dropped it in front of us. During the ensuing scramble the mouse escaped behind a bookcase. Unable to get to it, the bookcase is screwed to the wall, we decided to finish the film safe in the knowledge that with two cats in the room it would not last long. After a half hour vigil, Smirnoff got bored so went out. Ten minutes after he left the mouse appeared on the stairs and started to wash itself. Tarmac, who was on my lap suddenly stiffened and crouched down ready to spring. He jumped at the stairs, missed the mouse completely which shot between his rear legs and back behind the bookcase. The mouse turned up dead two days later under the coffee table.

Lovely sunny day so we went for a drive. I haven't driven for getting on for six weeks now so Peter suggested I take the wheel for a short while. I wondered if I was well enough but everything went off without a hitch and I really enjoyed the feeling of being in control again. Maybe that is what I am missing, the feeling of being in control of my life. We went to MK and came back with a bag of the loveliest apples I've tasted in a long while. All the excitement knocked me out though and all I wanted to do was sleep, Peter had taken over the driving by this time so I was able to nap all the way home. At least now I know I can do it so maybe next week I can get as far as the river in Bedford and see if I can get some lovely snaps of the cygnets.

Talking of birds I watched a family of Starlings on the front lawn this morning, there were two adults and five fluffy chicks all lined up for what I presume were flying lessons. I went to get my camera but just as I was preparing to take a shot some bloke walked past with his dog and spooked them. I will be keeping an eye out for them over the next few days in the hope I get another opportunity.

Got another session with my hypnotherapist tomorrow. After the success I've already had regarding my needle phobia I'm quite looking forward to it for once. I'm not all that keen on the 'tell me how you are feeling' bit. I am still finding it very hard to open up to her but the relaxation and the improvement in my fear of needles means that something, somehow is working. I haven't been as rigid in my practising as I should, to be honest with all the anxiety of waiting to hear from the PCT I've found it difficult to relax in the normal sense let alone drift off to Hawaii. I have tried but my head is elsewhere and my heart just not in it, not this week.

Still waiting for.....
News from the Brompton about my Hickman line
News from Harefield about transplant
News from the DWP regarding my DLA claim
News from Halfords regarding my complaint.