Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I don't, well not this hot.

The day got off to a bad start when I managed to drop my toast, butter side down of course, in my lap. I then got butter in my hair when trying to clean myself up and to top it all off I dropped the book I'm reading into the bath water. I'd just put a bath bomb into it so the book smells gorgeous and the pages are a delicate shade of pink but sodden. After spending all day in the full sun of the patio it is still quite damp so may have to start reading something else tonight.

I survived the rest of the morning without incident until I tried to make lunch and spilt pasta all over the floor. I eventually made something vaguely edible and got it onto the table where I knocked over a full glass of cranberry juice. I was not allowed to clear away or wash up so retired to the front room where I couldn't do any more harm.

I spent the whole of the afternoon on a lounger in the shade of the decking unable to summon enough energy to do anything. I feel an awful lot better today, my tum has settled and my throat has cleared up but I'm sneezing like hell, maybe it is time to consider hayfever as the cause. I'd be surprised though as it isn't something I'm usually prone to. What I'm not coping with is this awful tiredness, I am usually so active but the slightest exertion wipes me out. I'm hoping that this is another side effect and will pass in time. Unusually the day was not punctuated by roaring motorbikes from the local scramble track, screaming kids, arguing adults or the vile smell of barbecue. It was truely peaceful for once and I could hear the insects buzzing and smell the roses, bliss.

The Grand Prix I was so looking forward to was one of the most boring I've ever seen, not even a breakdown to lighten the tedium. Maybe it was too much to expect the excitement of Canada but it was like a never ending game of Scalectrix. Tomorrow looks more promising for getting the adrenaline going with Murray on court and hopefully heading towards the quarter finals. I do hope he makes it this year but I don't know if my nerves could stand watching him in the final. So one step (and one heart attack) at a time, and here's hoping for a thrilling and successful match tomorrow.

My pump caused a bit of excitement today when the alarm went off, twice. The first was caused by air in the line though careful examination found nothing. A few flicks of the line and the alarm stopped with no repeat so if there was air it obviously cleared. The second was caused by a battery failure. I have to change the batteries every week and the set in the machine were only three days old so gave me quite a start. Note to self ALWAYS carry spare batteries, another thing to remember.