Sunday, 5 June 2011

Stormy Weather

In the last blog I told you how I'd seen Nigel Havers at the Brompton. In the newspaper today there was a small article about how he was at his wife's bedside when she passed away yesterday (Saturday) morning. How sad, poor man. I am so glad I didn't go and bother him about an autograph.

Slept all night and on and off for most of the day. I think the waiting had more of an effect on me than I thought and now I know things are on the move I've begun to relax again. Dropped off on the settee this afternoon and woke up feeling as though I had a brick on my chest, it wasn't it was just Tarmac who had draped himself across me like an over sized shawl.

We have been walking around as though treading on egg shells the last few days. Andrew has his final two AS level exams this week, Physics on Monday and Psychology on Tuesday. He's had his head in a book for most of the half term holiday so I don't think he will have much to worry about. However he is snappy and grumpy and has gone off his food. When he took the first set in January he didn't really know what he wanted to do having finally rejected the idea of being a Nuclear Physicist because he doesn't want to spend his life shut up in an office or a lab. As a result he didn't really have any motivation, he did ok but not as well as he could. Having spent some time looking at universities and different courses he has decided to train to be a Paramedic. He has argued that it will be a varied job that he will really enjoy. The decision has given him new motivation and suddenly the exams have become very important and he has grades to aim for if he is to get into the university and course he really wants. Roll on Wednesday when I get my happy go lucky, cheerful little boy back.

Laurence on the other hand has been trying to enjoy a rare long weekend. By chance his days off have all fallen at once and he is determined to enjoy them. However his work place have called him on each day to ask if he would go in for a few hours. What gets me is that they forced him to leave early on Thursday because he had built up too much overtime and now they are trying to get him to do more. Crazy. Anyway his mates have returned from college this weekend so he is spending this evening in the pub catching up, hopefully his work will leave him alone.

The weather has thrown a few curved balls today. Lovely and sunny until about three o'clock and then it suddenly got really dark. We had one clap of thunder about ten minutes of heavy rain and then it lightened up again. Half an hour later we went through it all again. At least the boys got out of having to water my plants for me as neither are in a very cooperative mood and I don't think asking would have been met with good grace.

Finally just a quick word about Britain's Got Talent. What a farce. Once the fixing scandal had broken it was perfectly obvious that it would be fixed for Ronan not to win in order to prove that it wasn't a fix. What made me laugh was the fact that Jai, the winner, took part in the last X Factor and got as far as boot camp before being kicked off.  Not exactly a stranger to Simon Cowell either then. I feel sorry for the poor manipulated genuine contestants, the ones that stand for hours in the rain, but I suppose it you really, really want something you'll be prepared to put up with anything to get it. If it really was an open vote the public should have sent Cowell a firm message but voting for Steven Hall and his weird dad dancing or Jean the over excited pianist. The jury is still out on what actually happened and no doubt the fall out will rumble on for some weeks to come.

So will I be watching next year? You betcha.