Sunday, 28 April 2013

They Don't Make Them Like That Anymore

Another good night but I've woken up with an extremely stiff neck. Obviously I've been fighting with myself in my sleep again.

Yesterday afternoon was one of complete rest and relaxation. Realising there was not going to be a big enough gap in the rain to go out and take the photo's I'd planned, I gave myself over to watching a succession of old American war movies. Two were about submarines, one was called Run Silent, Run Deep and had Bert Lancaster and Clark Gable in it. I forget the other two except the one on a mine sweeper had Humphrey Bogart as the mad captain, oh I remember now it was called The Caine Mutiny, and very good it was too.

While I was relaxing Andrew was in the kitchen wrestling with some stubborn pastry. He'd brought a recipe back from Bulgaria which required layers of extremely thin, almost filo like, pastry. Try as he might he just couldn't get the layers thin enough and they kept ripping every time he got to a certain thickness. The waves of frustration coming out of the kitchen were palpable and I wasn't going to get my head bitten off by offering to help. I laid low until he charged into the living room saying he'd given up. So we didn't get our teatime treat and had toasted tea cakes instead.

How very dare you!

The cats are now in full shedding mode and scratching like demons. Just to make sure there wasn't any flea action going on I Frontlined both of them which really put me in the bad books ensuring dirty looks and a distinctly frosty atmosphere for a few hours. To help out, and try and minimise the amount of hair on the settee/bed/carpets, I've started brushing them and they love it. Hence the reason why I wasn't in the bad books for long. It seems the more I brush the more hair they produce and they leave clouds of it behind wherever they go. My lap currently looks like I'm wearing a furry apron.

I'm just making sure I cover as big an area as possible

Britain's Got Talent Watch

A better show last night I felt. There were some genuinely 'so bad they were good' moments and I spent a fair amount of time laughing. There was less of the judges, though the David and Simon comedy double act continued but not intrusively I'm glad to say.

Best act without a doubt was scary swordsman Aidan. This act consisted of a man, bearing a striking resemblance to Ming The Merciless, covering his face in candle waxed, don't ask, bandages, sticky tape and foil, no really, don't ask, and then slicing fruit and stabbing paper bags. The bazaar facial coverings were to ensure he couldn't see what he was doing while two audience members and Ant stood holding a paper bag, a plank and a pineapple. Ming, sorry Aidan, then used a dagger and a set of numb-chucks to dispose of the bag and the plank. The pineapple sitting on Ant's head was sliced in two with a samurai sword while Ant screamed like a girl. Both impressive and funny.

Worst act, well in my opinion, was the older gentleman with the kidney shaped guitar/harp/lyre arrangement. He was tuneless but gave it his all.

Well I'm off to make lunch and then, fingers crossed I'm off out with my camera. Next blog Wednesday.

 While writing this blog I have been alerted to the sudden and unexpected death of a fellow PH sufferer. This gentleman suffered sudden and catastrophic liver and kidney failure and has left the PH community in shock. Any death from PH brings me down but one that happens so suddenly really brings it home that all PHers are on borrowed time. Will be thinking of you today Grieg, all the best.