Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Evil

Things are not going well.

Far from waking up feeling better today I awoke with pain at the bottom of my ribcage and feeling distinctly rough. Now I know it was too much to expect any improvement from just one day of antibiotics but I really hoped I wouldn't be feeling worse. I'm hoping the tests I having tomorrow will come back clear but at the moment it doesn't seem likely.

I spent yesterday doing nothing. I systematically dozed through every programme I tried to watch and so by seven last night I was actually feeling quite lively. The all day oxygen probably helped with that a bit too. So I decided to make some soup and settle to watch MasterChef, which I love. Well it is nice to know even the best cooks can have disasters.

After that I went to bed and got lost in The Templar Conspiracy by Paul Christopher, a strange mix of religion, history and politics but a very good read. Of course I couldn't get to sleep, who'd have though that, and spend the first half of the night tossing and turning. Just as I was finally dropping off Tarmac decided to be sick in the door way. After cleaning up (I didn't want to wake Peter, he had an early start this morning) I finally stumbled into bed at around four and fell into a deep sleep.

Relaxing after a busy night.

I am getting worried about Tarmac. He has far outlived the dire prediction of the vet but, although he doesn't seem to be in pain, he isn't eating as much as he did and the vomiting is getting more frequent. I'm going to have to take him back but I just know the vet will want to put him to sleep instead of treat him. He's curled up asleep on my lap at the moment and looks happy and content. I don't want to lose him but I don't want him to suffer either. It is such a difficult decision and one I won't be able to put off much longer.

Naturally, having nothing to do, I've been taking a more interest in the news than I usually do and must admit I'm feeling a growing alarm over what is happening in North Korea.

Everyone, including the South Koreans, have so far dismissed the threats and grand standing as just a new leader flexing his muscles and are more or less convinced it will come to nothing more than rhetoric. I'm no longer sure that Dough Boy is just saber rattling. Looking at him he is totally devoid of emotion or expression. His pasty, plump face barely moves and the eyes seem blank. This could just be his public persona, he might be the life an soul of the party in private but I think there is something more sinister going on. I'm wondering whether he is actually drugged up to the eyeballs and is just the front man for a load of generals frustrated at his father's lack of 'ambition'.

You know you think I'm cute.

Whatever there now seems to be a very real danger that we might wake up tomorrow to find world war three has started. To be honest any country would have to be very brave or very stupid to threaten the might of America these days. If he does set the ball rolling America could quite easily bomb North Korea off the face of the earth so why is he doing it? Goodness knows but lets hope a grown up steps in and puts a stop to it before 'Dough Boy' throws all his toys out of the pram.

The other story I'm following rather closely is that of the Philpotts and the six children they killed in an attempt to win a custody battle and get a bigger house.

They have been found guilty, which really isn't surprising so now the wait for the sentence is on.  Personally I think this is one of those rare occasions when I wish this country had capital punishment but we don't, pity. For me nothing less than a whole life sentence would satisfy, for him at least. The only trouble is that it would mean the tax payer will still end up paying for his bed and board but this time I don't think anyone would mind.

So I am left at to the tender mercies of Andrew this morning, who is still asleep. In a minute I'm going to get myself downstairs, make a cup of tea, hook myself up to my oxygen and watch Sky News. With a bit of luck he'll have surfaced in time for lunch but I have soup and fruit on standby, just in case. I'm hoping there will be an old film on this afternoon, if not I think I'm going to have to break out a Star Trek or two and imagine a world where anything from a brain tumour to radiation poisoning can be fixed by a little box being waved over the patient. If only.