Sunday, 21 April 2013

Mouse Trap

We got a lot of thing done yesterday that I didn't expect.

Andrew mowed the lawn and Peter went through the spare room tidying up while I got busy in the kitchen so we can be forgiven for relaxing in front of a film during the evening. However Smirnoff had other ideas.

Laurence cutting the lawn last summer

It was ten thirty and we were just thinking of going up to bed when the cat flap went a little more vigorously than normal. Then Smirnoff appeared in the doorway with something dangling from his mouth. We shot into action in a well rehearsed routine. The object was to release said mouse and return it to the great outdoors, preferably unscathed. Andrew jumped on Smirnoff and held on to him. Peter unlocked the back door and I rushed into the kitchen for my rubber gloves. We have discovered that cats, well our cats, loath the smell of rubber washing up gloves. I've found through trial and error that if I put a gloved finger over his nose he automatically opens his mouth and drops the mouse which I catch in the other hand. The whole procedure takes only two or three minutes and the mouse was returned, damp but unharmed, into a bush while Smirnoff was made a fuss of to minimise the disappointment of not disposing of his catch in the bedroom.

At the age of fifteen I'm surprised he's still got it in him to be out catching things. Though it has to be said it was a very small mouse so it might have been a baby and he just got lucky. Still it is further proof that spring is finally here and we can look forward to many months of removing live animals from Smirnoff's mouth or finding dead ones rotting under the settee. Tarmac gave up mousing years ago. He was never very good at it and is far too lazy to make so much effort just to have success snatched from him, literally.

Smirnoff soaking up the sun on the patio

Laurence arrived just after seven and after a quick hello and a hug went straight out again to meet with his mates. I've no idea when he returned because it was way after I was in the land of nod. He is still asleep at the moment and I'll leave him there until closer to twelve. Yes I am very kind to my babies.

Andrew has started packing ready to return to uni this afternoon. It is going to be really strange to go from a full house to an almost empty one in one day but such is life I suppose. I suspect it won't be long before he's back.

I feel better today as my legs and back have now fully recovered from my little jaunt around Milton Keynes. I'm still coughing, getting really fed up now, but hopefully it has improved enough so my supervisor won't think I'm expiring at my desk tomorrow.

So today is going to be a busy one. I've got to iron my work stuff for tomorrow, cook lunch, iron Andrew's stuff for uni, drive to Hatfield and back and do some laundry. I'm going to be shattered but at least that will ensure a good night's sleep.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

I can't help thinking that this year's series is more about the judges than the acts. OK I appreciate that the Simon and David double act is quite funny but do we have so little talent that they have to keep filling in the gaps?

It was a pretty mediocre show, very little to stun or amaze and even less of the funny awful, mostly they were just awful. Stand out act for me were the two brothers, no, not just because they were Welsh, but because they had such beautiful voices. When they said they were going to sing I was braced for some awful rap stuff but when that lovely operatic voice burst into life I was entranced, and his brother's voice was even better.

It is difficult to decide on the worse act, in fact if truth be told, I can't even remember most of them. I think I'd have to say that the first two acts who came on to give it ago, although they hadn't quite decided what they were actually going to do must be the ones to choose. I can't quite understand why you would queue for hours and put yourself through all the humiliation without at least having something rehearsed. At least then, even if you crashed and burned, at least you could say you did your best. Some people really are crazy.

Well lots to do, next blog Wednesday.