Monday, 8 April 2013

Falling Over In The Dark

That's embarrassing.

After ringing work yesterday to say I'd be back in today and assuring my supervisor I felt much better it's all gone pear shaped.

I stayed up to watch The King's Speech, which I thought was brilliant, and then headed to bed laying out my uniform and setting the alarm along the way. Sleep came quickly and it must have been a deep one as when I emerged at around four to go to the loo I felt very groggy. Then it happened the room began to spin and I vomited violently. Clinging onto the bath I shut my eyes but that only made the room spin faster. I was sweating now and I could feel water running between my shoulder blades but I felt no pain. Peter rushed in and I suddenly realised that the wailing sound was me calling for help.

He got me back to bed and then went to fetch a glass of iced water, I'd have preferred a cup of tea but I wasn't going to get that until we were both sure the vomiting was over. The episode was over as quickly as it had come and apart from feeling cold in my damp pj's I didn't appear to have suffered any lasting effects.  I went back to the bathroom, had a quick wash and changed my nightwear and then went back to bed. I couldn't get warm though and shivered until dawn when Peter greeted me with a cuppa and said there was no way I was going anywhere on my own. His argument was what if that happened in work or God forbid in the car? I could kill myself or someone else. He's right of course and as soon as I could I got on the phone and made an appointment with my GP while Peter notified work that I was not going to be in after all.

The first thing I thought of as a possible cause was a line infection. They can come on very quickly so after a shower I ripped off my dressing to check. The site was clean and dry with no hint of swelling, redness or discharge. Not that then, I dressed the site and sighed with relief. A line infection is a reoccurring nightmare for anyone with a permanent IV line fitted. So with that eliminated I didn't know what the cause was, all I knew was I didn't feel quite myself. I had a shock when I caught sight of myself in the mirror. My skin was completely white and my lips almost black. I looked very ill indeed, terrific but what was causing it? My chest feels brilliant, with three more tablets to go it is as clear as a bell and my oxygen sats are right back up in the nineties, so my chest infection hasn't come back. I was at a loss and couldn't wait to see my GP to get some answers. Fortunately I was able to get a very early appointment and we were there by half past nine, I say 'we' because Peter wouldn't let me drive myself.

I more or less walked straight in and after a thorough examination and a lot of 'ah-ha' noises from the doctor I've come home with more antibiotics, a sick note for a week, acute sinusitis and an ear infection. Well I guess that explains the dizzy feeling and the sickness. I have to steam, drink lots of hot fluids and rest. Whoop De Doo, that's all I need on the week I'm due at Papworth for my three month check. Still it's not another chest infection, so in a way that's a good thing. However I have five days to at least recover a little bit. My GP's parting shot was that 'there are a lot of nasty bugs going around at the moment and I expect you'll catch most of them.' What a charmer.

I was delighted to hear that one little girl got her miracle this weekend. With a bit of luck, thanks to some generous person, she will grow up just like any other little girl and may even have kids of her own one day. Although I am enormously pleased for her I also felt a little sad that my miracle hasn't come yet. Please, please, please sign up for organ donation and perform a little miracle of your own.

So with nothing else for it and a very firm Peter watching my every move all I can do is lie on the settee and rest up. I am being force fed hot tea at the moment and a bowl of steaming water will be ready in a few minutes complete with Olbas Oil and a towel. It seems Peter is determined not to have to pick me up off the floor again.

All I've got to do now is ring work and give them the bad news and pop the sick note in the post, or rather Peter will pop the sick note in the post. I'm not allowed out of the house until I have to go to Papworth on Friday. All I can say is thank goodness I bought those books when I did. I can't come to any harm reading, I hope.