Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Little Spending Spree

And she's back!

Feeling so much better today, thank God for antibiotics, I am almost back to normal. I started feeling better yesterday but still needed oxygen to walk the short distance from car to hospital for the tests I'd been ordered to have. It was standing room only at the blood test place but on spying my oxygen tank at least a half a dozen people rose to their feet to offer me a seat. Feeling cheeky I took my warfarin book along and explained I'd missed an appointment and could they do that at the same time. Luckily I got a nurse who was very smiley and more than happy to obliged. There was also no argument about the size of the needle either.

After my hospital trip we dropped into Tesco as I was desperate for fruit and, wait for it, ginger beer. I've developed a real taste for the stuff and it is currently my drink of choice. This worried Peter a little because the last time I was so obsessed was when I was carrying Andrew. There are no little surprises on the way though so why this has happened I don't know. It is a good thing to have though as ginger is known to thin the blood and lower blood pressure. I managed to stroll slowly around the shop with my oxygen on but I got very tired towards the end of the trip.

After such a busy morning it was home for a cuppa, lunch, and for me an hour's lie down to recover. I couldn't sleep so just rested cuddled up to Tarmac listening to him purr. He seems better again today and had a spell of paw waving with Smirnoff when he also tried to join me on the bed.

Smirnoff on my desk

Andrew is off to Bulgaria on Sunday and wanted to buy his girlfriend a present so rather reluctantly I joined him and Peter on a trip to Milton Keynes. I took my scooter and my oxygen with me and to be honest it wasn't that bad. However I should NEVER go shopping when I'm feeling a little sorry for myself. First stop was L'Occitane where I bought some of their delicious Shea butter hand cream and a Shea butter lip balm. Next stop was Lush, bath bomb heaven and then lastly Waterstones where they were having a buy one and get another half price. Ten books later Andrew was dragging me out of the shop but I now have a complete series to read and a few 'next in series' that I was waiting to buy to complete series I'd already started. So the credit card took a bashing but I'm all set if the call comes tonight as I have enough reading material for about two months.

To finish our day off we dropped in on Costco and picked up some cheese and jalapeƱo bagels which I love toasted and smothered in cream cheese. Back home I flopped on the settee while Peter and Andrew fussed around putting the shopping away and getting tea then I just lay with my feet up watching Eastenders and MasterChef before an early bedtime. I did far too much, far too soon but I enjoyed myself and right now I need to have as much fun as I can get.

Today is a lazy day. I stayed in bed until gone nine and then took a long bath before a cuppa and the papers. After I've finished this blog I'm making a very quick lunch, fajitas, and will spend the afternoon reading, surprise, surprise.

I got an exciting message from my brother this morning. He and his family are going to be holidaying in this area in July and would I like to meet up. Well of course I jumped at the idea. I haven't seen my brother since we all met up for my Mother's birthday two years ago so I'm really excited to have this to look forward too.

The family at Mum's birthday lunch
I don't know about everyone else but I set myself little goals throughout the year. Not big ones but ones that if I reach and manage will be another triumph over PH. So far I have now got about five evenly spaced 'goals' to aim for. I'm sure they are what keep me going. It is easier to hope you make it for another couple of months than another couple of years. Never set yourself up for failure as each 'win' is a real boost and improves the attitude towards dying immensely. As they say, if I've got to go I'm going to slid sideways kicking and screaming into the grave while having the time of my life.

Well time to chose a book, have a cup of tea and settle down for a restful afternoon.