Monday, 15 April 2013

Great British Workmen

Andrew as a shepherd aged six
For months now we've been threatened with water meters. Every household is going to have one though it is up to the individual whether to go with it or stick to the old system, for now anyway. Today it seems is the day as three trucks loaded with all sorts of things pulled up outside and about fifteen workmen emerged and started hauling down barriers and equipment. I quickly filled the water filters and the kettle and a saucepan, just in case they cut the water off, so I could cook lunch and have tea and then watched in anticipation. Soon the drills were busy, well one drill to be precise and one man with the others standing around in a circle watching him. Hole dug and barriers erected they then loaded up all three trucks and left.

A whole hour has passed and there is no sign of them apart from four red and white barriers and a massive hole in the pavement. Will they be back I wonder, possible next week I suspect.

So it is my last day signed off sick and I must say I'm chomping at the bit to get back to work and normality. Having given up on his watch dog impression Peter has been more than happy to let me back in the kitchen though more robust household chores are still a no go area. I did empty the bins while he was out yesterday though and haven't been told off. My nose is still a bit blocked and I indulge in a sneezing session every now and then but my cough has almost gone and in myself I feel really well. I feel a bit of a fraud being home today but you can't argue with my GP, well not if you know what's good for you. I'm going to make it a really lazy day and just rest and read, just like every other day for the past week then.

Laurence aged about ten

Andrew is back tomorrow and I'm getting quite excited about it. Peter isn't quite as excited but then he is the one who has to be at Luton Airport to pick him up at five thirty tomorrow morning.

Another exciting development is that Laurence is sleeping over on Saturday.

His mate Ben is going to America for a year to work as an instructor/teacher at one of those children's camps they have over there. He has asked Laurence to store some of his stuff while he is gone and so they are making a bit of a party of it and going out for a meal and a few drinks. So I'll have my two boys at home this weekend, very excited. It'll be just like having my little babies back again. Like all mum's I sometimes long for the days when they were little and I knew exactly what they were doing at all time. Then I think of what hard work it was and realise maybe it is for the best that they are not.

Why can't they stay like this?

The weekend has been one of practicing it seems.

The military has been practising for Margaret Thatcher's funeral, the papers seem to be full of the order of service. In fact there is so much detail being shared there's hardly any point in watching the thing. And the public have been practicing too by having a couple of mini riots. OK, technically they were to do with football but doesn't anyone else think it strange that after months of trouble free games we have two riots now? I will not be watching, I will be in work but I suspect we are all going to hear about it one way or another. At least the papers will have another excuse to fill their pages with 'analysis'. So bored of it all now.

The Grand Prix was exciting and I was very pleased to see Vettel knocked off his perch. I felt so sorry for Webber though he has absolutely no luck at all.

So another boring day stretches before me but hopefully it will be the last for a very long time. OK, I didn't manage to make it to four months without a sick day but I'm still doing very well for me. Let's hope the next time I'm off sick is because I'm recovering from transplant. Well a girl can dream.