Saturday, 13 April 2013

Lady In Waiting

Another restless night and I feel drained. Although tired I just couldn't switch off my brain and went over the visit time after time after time. I also made lists of things I need to do, this afternoon I'm re-packing my transplant bag for instance. I don't know why, everything that is in there will probably go back in but it is something I feel I just have to do.

I'm still pretty bunged up this morning but my cough has improved and to my surprise I felt hungry so polished off a couple of slices of toast, an apple and a banana for breakfast. This might be something to do with my jealousy over Peter's burger yesterday but is more likely to be because my sense of smell has returned.

I realise that I've fallen into a sort of complacency. Four months on, give or take a few days, and no call so rather than risk disappointment I gone too far the other way and have started to convince myself I'm still going to be here next year, still waiting. And so I have let things slide and not been 'ready'. You have all read how I jumped every time the phone rang and how I've sometimes cried when it was only a wrong number, or sworn at a nuisance caller. Well I decided that approach was far too exhausting to sustain and so began to relax. It has help my nerves and blood pressure no end but it also means if the call came today I'd be rushing around trying to find this or that and stressed because my phone needs charging. A balance is called for.

Cherry blossom at last

So every evening I will plug my phone into the charger, whether I think it needs it or not. My bag is going to be repacked and I'm making a list to sit just inside to tell me exactly what I have in the bag, as I keep forgetting, and what I need to add. I'm making up a list of my current meds and allergies which I can just hand to someone, saves trying to think in the early hours and stops any mistakes or omissions. I am revising my list of people to call and Peter will keep this on his phone, letting people know will keep him busy while I'm in surgery and will hopefully stop him worrying too much.

So what will happen to this blog while I'm out of it?

Well again, if I have time, I will post a notification on here stating when I got called in and then the blog will remain silent until I am able to start updating it myself. I am optimistically hoping that I'll be back within a week though I suspect two weeks or longer will be more realistic. We will see.

So I think that covers everything, at least until I can think of something else.

The flower bed by the village hall last year

The sun is shining and it feels at lot warmer today. We are expecting temperatures of over 20C tomorrow so I'm hopeful of being able to at least sit on the patio and read. However to my utter delight suddenly nature has burst into life. My Forsythia is so bright that it almost hurts to look at it and the cherry blossom is bursting out all over the place. Passing through the village square on the way home yesterday I noticed that they were planting up the flower beds. Our village has some lovely flower displays, I can't wait to see what they look like this year. Oh please let this summer be a really good one for a change.

In the news we still haven't been nuked by North Korea, though he keeps warning at it 'could be today'. Yes it could be but it probably won't be.

Margaret Thatcher's death is still causing uproar but I'm finding it all a bit boring and irritating now. The funeral is next Wednesday and it promises to be a rather lively affair, at least if some of the reports I've seen are anything to go by. I suspect there will be a riot somewhere, and I also suspect several people will get arrested, however with the Queen attending security will be tight and I doubt the funeral itself will be anything but the solemn and dignified occasion every funeral should be.

A display on the Barton Road

The Chinese Grand Prix takes place tomorrow but I for one will not be rising at six to watch it live. I will still be in the land of nod, I hope. I will record it and watch it tomorrow afternoon. The last race was quite exciting and I'm rather hoping for a repeat of that excitement, though I have to say I've gone right off Vettel.

Which reminds me. I've got qualifying to watch.