Saturday, 20 April 2013

Walking Straight Into Trouble

I did something stupid yesterday, what's new.

Andrew wanted to go to Waterstones yesterday afternoon and while he went off to do his thing Peter and I decided to take a look around John Lewis. Now I know that JL is always busy and the new layout makes it very difficult to drive around on my scooter so decided that as it was a short walk I'd attempt it without my trike but using my oxygen instead.

It is ages since I've walked around a shop, apart from my local tiny Tesco, and I loved the feeling of independence I got from being on my own two feet, not to mention being able to see and reach everything. I lingered at the perfume counters and looked at all the clothing I can no longer wear because of this damned pump. I swear that once I've got rid of it I'm going to buy nothing but dresses. Anyway I digress. Feeling absolutely fine, and surprising myself in the process I decided to try going a little further afield and headed to the market where there is a great little second hand book stall. Again I didn't do to badly. I stopped for a rest on a bench along the way but I got there only to find it was shut. The way back was where the problems started. I found I was going slower and slower. My feet felt like lead and my calf muscles burned, this, I knew, was not a good sign. Making it back to the car I was in absolute agony. The pain had now spread to my thighs and lower back and even sitting hurt. When I did eventually get into the passenger seat my legs began to cramp. It was awful.

The trip to Costco saw me back in a wheelchair, I was in too much pain and too tired to use the trike, feeling very sorry for myself as well as anger at my stupidity.

Back home the boys unpacked while I lay on the settee drinking a nice cuppa and downing paracetamol as fast as I could get them out of the packet. I was shocked. Some people have said that these symptoms are due to the lack of oxygen in the muscle but I had my oxygen on. Harefield and Papworth have both said that the more active you can be before transplant the quicker you will get fit again afterwards. Now I can see why, my muscles were definitely protesting at being called into service and I think it was more to do with lack of use than lack of oxygen. So despite feeling sore and tired I'm will be trying that again. If I keep at it maybe it will improve. One thing is for sure, when I have had the transplant I don't want to be stuck in a chair because my legs won't work. I'm beginning to realise having the transplant will only be the start of a very long battle back to fitness. It is not going to be the instant cure I was hoping for, not by a long way.

The weather today is glorious and I've actually hung some washing out to dry. Andrew is going to cut the grass later and a quick walk around the garden has shown that, despite still looking bare from a distance, buds are springing up in all the trees and bushes. The decking is in a poor state. It needs a good brush and a hose down, as the pigeons have been having a field day. I haven't taken the covers off the furniture yet so have no idea how it survived such a long cold winter. Hopefully in a couple of weeks time the decking and the weather will both be nice enough to sit out and read.

The decking mid build

This morning I was cheered up by a visit from my best friend Diana. We had to cancel our last get together due to bad weather and illness so it was nice to catch up again. When the weather is nicer I'm going to invite her and her family over for lunch and an afternoon sitting in the sun sipping Pimms and enjoying each others company. As it is we have made another date to meet up in May. No doubt it will be pouring.

My friend Stacie successfully got her line put in and is now home again. I hope she finds Flolan as good for her as it has been for me. Stacie has written a blog about her time in hospital and her feelings about having the pump fitted. You'll find the link on the right hand side bar.

Almost done, waiting for furniture and steps.

In other news Rolf Harris has been arrested and bailed as part of the Jimmy Savile investigation.

Rolf Harris? Are they serious? Of all the people caught up in it so far Rolf is the one I can't even imagine doing anything untoward. Some of the others have always appeared to me as being a bit creepy but not old Rolf. I really hope they have made a big mistake this time, I really do.

Laurence is arriving later to spend the night and have lunch with us tomorrow. The spare room has been tidied ready for him and the bed made up. I am really looking forward to having both my boys under my roof again, even if it is just for one night.

Tomorrow Andrew returns to uni for his last term this year. I cannot believe he's almost through his first year already. Where did all the time go?

Talking of which I'd better go and make the cake I've promised everyone. A rich chocolate this time, yum, yum.