Friday, 19 April 2013

How Do Hedgehogs Make Love?

Well it has been a bit full on these last couple of days.

Because I was unable to do any shopping last week due to illness, this week's effort has been a mammoth session, but it is done now so we can eat for the next ten days or so.

As the weather has perked up it is all hands on deck getting my Alfa 156 ready for sale. To be honest it isn't in too bad a shape over all and didn't need that much done. We've replaced the brake discs as they were getting a bit worn and replaced part of the exhaust system that had developed a hole. We've given it an oil change and replaced the filters. All it really needs now is a good clean up and a polish and with a bit of luck we can put it up for sale end of next week. Although I will be sad to see it go we really need the space so the sooner the better.

It is day three on yet another course of antibiotics and I'm feeling better. I still have a really bad cough, bad enough to worry my colleagues anyway, but I feel much better in myself. I'm hoping that when this clears up it will be permanently and won't be coming back.

With the warm weather my garden has exploded with wildlife of all shapes and sizes. The squirrels have been particularly active as they rush around looking for things to feed their young. I've taken pity on them as they can't seem to remember where they've buried anything, and have been putting a few nuts out for them every day.
Apple blossom on my street

I was on my own on Wednesday night. Peter and Andrew were out and so I settled down to watch MasterChef with a ginger beer and packet of crisps.

My neighbours are currently on holiday and we have been asked to keep an eye on things. So you can imagine my horror when I noticed the security light had come on in their back garden. Now I know that my cats can set it off but they were both in so I had no choice but to investigate. I opened the back door, then decided I needed to be armed so grabbed the nearest thing, yes it was the kitchen so it was the rolling pin, and crept outside. I couldn't see anything but there is a high fence between us so I walked a bit closer and then froze. From the other side of the fence came a grunting, snuffling sound. My immediate though was that there was a dog loose, or failing that a fox. Holding my rolling pin in a vice like grip I peeped over the fence sure that I was ready for anything. I was wrong. There in the middle of the lawn, were two hedgehogs doing what comes naturally. I burst out laughing and went back indoors. So the answer to my question is ... noisily.

In the news there has been so much going on it is difficult to know where to start.

Margaret Thatcher's funeral was a magnificent display of what Britain does best, the ceremonial occasion. The pomp and pageantry was breath taking but what was more impressive was the level of respect shown by ordinary people who lined the streets to see her off. Yes there were a few who tried to cause trouble but nothing like the disruption that had been promised, for once it was a triumph for the silent majority of the noisy minority.

America has suffered badly this week. First with the boming of the Boston marathon and then yesterday we woke up to hear about a massive explosion in Texas. Thankfully the second was not a terrorist attack but what is looking like an accident. Boston however was meant and it is looking like home grown crackpots rather than any international terrorist group. At the time of writing one suspect has been shot and another is on the run. No one knows for sure yet if they are the right people or if they acted alone.

Needless to say the London marathon, which takes place on Sunday, is now a source of great anxiety. Although I am sure things will go off without a hitch you can never be 100% sure. I hope that this event will pass peacefully as I have several colleagues and friends running this year.

Well time to go, Andrew wants to go to Waterstones this afternoon and I've got to pick up my new contact lenses.