Wednesday, 17 April 2013

A Quickie

I'm back on the antibiotics.

Having coughed my way through yesterday I alarmed some of my colleagues with my hacking today and I've started to produce gunk again. Sometimes I wonder when it is all going to end, though on the plus side I feel fine in myself. I don't like taking pills like this but I feel I have no choice and I have also booked myself in with my GP for Friday. One way or another this bug is on it's way out.

I thought I was in luck last night when I shot upright having heard the phone ring. However I appear to have dreamed it and lay back down to try and go back to sleep. I have to say that after all the longing and hoping I was shocked when I realised my overwhelming reaction was fear, well sheer terror to be precise. You'd have thought I'd be ecstatic wouldn't you, but not me, I was terrified. Though having reflected on it this might have been the reaction to a bad dream I can't remember. Who knows, only when I get the real call will I know the answer to that one.

The journey to and from work is lovely this week. There have been occasions when I've actually had my window wound down or the aircon on (the window was used until I figured out how to activate the air con, dumbo that I am). The roads are lined with Daffodils and at last the pale pink cherry blossom is arriving. Nothing much happening in my garden though apart from the grass being a bit longer.

Well things to do, like try and get tomato soup off my white shirt, again. Next full blog on Friday