Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Down In The Dumps

I'm having a bit of a bad week.

I'm not sure what is wrong but I feel like I just don't want to do the whole pump thing anymore. It is four months on the list now but I know it isn't that, I've always been prepared for a long wait. It's not really work either, though there is talk of our shift patterns being changed again which is unsettling. The week isn't going to get any better either with both the warfarin clinic and the dentist on Friday.

Things haven't been helped by Health Care At Home. Yes they are at it again.

They sent me through the post a schedule of when they would phone me and when they would deliver to cover the six months from Jan - June. The schedule said they would be ringing last Friday so one of us stayed in all day. They didn't call. They also didn't call on Monday, Tuesday or this morning so Peter, who has been waiting in bless him, finally snapped and rang to speak to a manager. She patently did not care about the stress and inconvenience being cause and had the cheek to say the schedule was only a 'rough idea' of when call would be made. She seemed extremely surprised that a disabled person would be working and not just sitting around at home all day waiting for a phone call. She then asked for my mobile or work number so she could call me at work. Well I don't want to be sitting at my desk and reading off how many syringes etc I need in front of all my workmates. Thankfully Peter realised this and refused to pass the number on. In the end he extracted a promise that they would stick to their schedule, we will wait and see.

Having been told all this when I got home I immediately emailed Carl at the Brompton to see if he can also have a word and sort it out. I used to be supplied by Polaris and they were brilliant but HCAH have been nothing but a nightmare from the word go. Cross!

On the way home, just to make my week so far complete, I hit a pheasant.

No it is not my old foe of before. I haven't seen him since I changed the car so either he's been got by someone else or, and yes I am crediting a very stupid bird with too much intelligence, he doesn't recognise my new car.

Today it was two females that decided to jump into the road as I was barrelling along at sixty. I jammed on the brakes and swerved missing one but the second I got square on. It sailed past the windscreen hit the roof and slid down the rear window. I was distraught as I hate killing anything. Back home I examined the front of my car to find nothing, not even a feather. Alfa 1 Pheasant 0. And I know I'm going to feel really bad about it for days and days.

Right time for a cuppa and some chocolate, I feel I deserve it today. Next blog Friday.