Friday, 26 April 2013

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Well all I can say is I'm so glad that week is over.

Today I had the pleasure of the Warfarin clinic and for once it really was a pleasure. In and out in under ten minutes and a nice as pie nurse who fully understood how I felt about needles. Brilliant. The down side of such a quick visit is that I don't get to listen in on other peoples conversations. I did however get moaned at by an irate Scot who labelled the service 'a load of shite'. I'm not sure what set him off because I couldn't understand him.

It's been a bad week at work.

Not only did I get moaned at by loads of people who really should learn to sort out their own petty squabbles but I also had to put up with crippling heat too.

Yes, on the hottest two days of the year, so far, the heating was going full blast so we all sat there red faced and sweating. This of course is nothing new. When I taught the schools would turn the heating on on the 1st October and turn it off on the 1st April regardless of the weather conditions. Many a time I've been sat in a boiling classroom in September with every window open and fans going like the clappers while the heating was going full blast. Similarly I've spent many an April day wrapped up in jumpers, scarfs and gloves in a classroom that resembled an ice box. It seems workplace heating systems operate on very cut and dried assumptions, i.e. it is always cold in September and lovely and warm in April when any fool could tell them that it is usually the opposite.

I have no doubt that when I go in on Monday the air conditioning will have been turned on and we'll all be frozen solid. You just can't win.

I have been rather down this week and I think I've worked out why.

Firstly it is my four month anniversary of being on the list and, although I know I'm going to have along wait, each month that passes means you lose heart a little. So I think I'm likely to be a bit down around this time every month, still it's better than PMT.

Secondly it has been a week of moaners. Everyone has moaned to me about practically everything. Most of it could be sorted out if only people would just talk to each other. And I mean talk, not scream like wailing banshees from opposite sides of the road, something that appear to pass for conversation these days. Most days you can go home feeling that at least you've helped someone but this week I've just wondered at the futility of it all.

However the week is over, I'm feeling perkier and I'm hopeful next week will be an improvement.

Well time for the dentist. I probably won't be feeling quite so perky in an hours time.