Wednesday, 1 May 2013


I had a little bit of a turn today.

It was hot in the office so I had the fan on full blast, however I started to feel light headed and nauseous and had to do the 100 meter dash to the loo. Being sick wasn't really the problem though. Turning a horrible black colour caused more of  a panic amongst my colleagues who rushed around getting me things. Three plastic cups of cold water, two biscuits, one cup of tea and twenty minutes with my oxygen and I was back at my desk. Not exactly feeling chipper, I'll admit that, but certainly a whole lot better.

I've been fine since and can't work out what went wrong. I suspect it may have been a combination of heat, it is still like an oven in there, and 'just one of those things'. If I feel like that again tomorrow I'm going to nip out into a cooler room for five minutes and hope that stops it.

Apart from that it has been a fairly good week. I've been feeling rather optimistic, goodness knows why, there is no reason too, and my general mood has been happy. I have this really odd feeling that it is going to happen very soon now. Actually it is more of a certainty that just a feeling. I'm probably deluding myself but I just can't shake it, and don't really want too.

Andrew sat his first end of year exam on Monday and said it had gone really well. He is back home now until the next one on Friday. He is then back for another week before starting his final placement.

Laurence has next week off so we are trying to arrange a day when we can get together for a meal and a catch up. I know he phones me every week but there is nothing quite like doing it face to face.

In the news the trial of the murderer of April Jones has started. Although Mark Bridger sort of admits killing her he 'can't remember' what he did with her body. Does anyone buy that, even for a second? Personally I think he's getting a kick out of keeping it a secret as it gives him power over everyone, especially the parents and the police. Maybe, once he's locked up for life, and in this case life should mean life, he will finally say where she is. I doubt it though, he's far too twisted for that.

Well short and sweet but I am dying for a sit down with my feet up, the newspaper and a cuppa.

Next blog Friday.