Sunday, 14 April 2013

That's Entertainment

Another disturbed night, what is wrong with me? First I was too hot then too cold, hideous. However, despite feeling tired, I'm better again today. My cough has improved and my nose has stopped running at long last, which is just as well as it is so red it looks like it has been sandblasted. They lied about those balsam tissues, just to let you know. So now my nose has a layer of sudocream on it in the hope the skin will heal before I go back to work on Tuesday.

I though I was back tomorrow but looking at the copy of the sick note it says 8th - 15th inclusive, bummer but you have to do what the doctor says. And it is only one day so I'm not that bothered. The extra day can only mean feeling even better when I do go in, provided I can sleep that is.

The sun is shining brightly this morning and temperatures are already up to thirteen degrees. I'm actually debating whether to trust the weather and hang my sheets out instead of putting them through the tumbler. I'm pretty sure I'm safe from barbeque's but there might be a lot of bonfires as people start sorting out their gardens. Decisions, decisions.

With appetite restored I am cooking a beef curry for lunch. Since yesterday morning I've been eating constantly and I haven't really cared what I've been cramming into my mouth. I've even eaten a pot noodle, something I've never contemplate normally though Peter keeps a few in as a quick snack for those days he arrives home very late. Unable to go shopping this weekend, I wasn't feeling up to it and didn't want to risk catching something else, I'm running short on fruit and ginger beer, so the only snacks left are the unhealthy crisps etc. If I feel up to it I might make a banana and walnut loaf this afternoon so I can have a treat without having to consume large quantities of salt and sugar.

The papers are still crammed full of Margaret Thatcher's death and very little else. Honestly how many things can be written about one woman? It is almost as bad as when Princess Diana died.

Britain's Got Talent Watch

My Saturday evenings are complete again. BGT is back and as crazy as ever. I nearly missed it too. I was channel hopping trying to find something that wasn't The Voice when I saw the banner come up on ITV. So I settled down with a big grin on my face and anticipation and excitement riding high. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed.

Simon has got wider, Amanda darker, Alisha has had a touch of the light sockets (how wide can you get that hair) and David is, well, just the same. Wonderful. What makes the show of course is the presenting skills of Ant and Dec, how they get away with some of the things they say I will never know.

So what of the acts? Well the stand out looney for me this week was the bloke who dressed as a vicar and danced with broomstick dressed up as a nun whilst singing Edelweiss.  Why would you do that? What went on in his brain that would make him think this was a good idea? Amazingly he was put through as Simon was off sick and the three remaining judges wanted to annoy him.

Another act, who had not thought of what they were actually competing for, was a rather tubby woman who finished her act by jiggling her rather ample naked bottom at the judges. Hysterical, yes, fit for the Royal Variety, no. We also had the ubiquitous cute child, complete with pink dress and enormous shoes, no I don't know why either. Yes she had a good voice but wasn't for me.

The standout act this week were the shadow dancers (who were not from Britain). Their act was stunning and very moving. If you didn't see it well it was basically an advanced shadow puppet show. The difference was they used their whole bodies to create images of Stonehenge, Tower Bridge and camels while telling a rather sad story. Brilliant and unique they will definitely be in the finals. They may even win.

I can't wait for next week, it can only get better.

I also saw a trailer for this year's Apprentice, which is starting in a couple of weeks. I can't wait for that either.

Yes I know I watch a lot of crap these days but at the moment it is one of the few pleasures I have left. Once I've had my transplant my evenings will be full of theaters, concerts and gym visits, so it is a fleeting obsession born out of necessity, or so I keep telling myself.

Right both curry and Grand Prix await.