Monday, 1 April 2013

The Feeling You Get From A Job Well Done.

After days of moaning that my body wouldn't let me have a lie in it did, big time.

I awoke around ten and flew into an immediate panic that I should be in work until I realised I'd been given the day off. I then panicked again when I realised how late I was with all my meds. Meds done it was a quick shower and then half an hour with the paper and a nice cup of tea. I'm eaten so much yesterday I didn't feel like breakfast.

I took a risk yesterday evening, well we both did, and had a glass of wine. I don't drink, the meds seem to make alcohol super effective, and Peter has given up drinking late at night in case I get 'The Call' and he has to drive me to hospital. Last night we decide that one glass won't hurt and settled down to watch Touring Car racing, which we'd recorded earlier in the day. I nursed my one glass all night and managed to get away with nothing worse than a warm, slightly fuzzy feeling. Obviously I am connecting the wine with the lie in and the slightly heavy head but I'm probably adding two and two and making five.

Yesterday was lovely, we had a meal of roasted red pepper soup followed by steak pan fried in garlic butter with mashed carrot and swede, peas, onion rings and sweet potato chips. Desert was vanilla ice cream with raspberries and every single thing was made by me. What is even more surprising I managed to eat the lot, although I only gave myself half the portion everyone else had. We then relaxed in the living room with coffee and just looked at our Easter eggs unable to eat another thing. I love it when I make a real effort and plates are cleared. I'm no Masterchef candidate but simple and basic I do really, really well.  We watched the boat race and then I had a little snooze before the evening round of drugs and that all important glass of wine.

The only little hole in the day was the fact that Laurence wasn't there. He had to work but I got a lovely surprise when he rang yesterday evening to say he was coming over for tea today. I wasn't expecting to see him until next weekend.

Today I am cooking something light and simple and will finish off the ice cream and raspberries then I'll set about making a cake for Laurence's arrival but other than that I having a lazy day. There will definitely be no wine tonight though as I'm back in work tomorrow.

The garden is showing some signs of life, the first little yellow flower on the Forsythia opened fully yesterday and has been joined by several others this morning. The rest of the garden remains dull and colourless though. I really, really wish spring would hurry up. I want my garden to look like this again.

In the news the story that has got my blood boiling is not the one about the benefits reforms as some might think. I actually agree with what they are trying to, I mean claiming to be incapable of working because you are spotty, fat or drink too much has long been a bug bear of mine and I'm glad something is at last being done to get these people to see sense.

No the story that got me hopping up and down it the one about the Norfolk police woman who attended a burglary, tripped over a kerb and is now suing the victim for compensation for a bruised leg and arm.

I had to read it twice as I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Honestly if the story had broken today I would have thought it was an April Fool's joke. This woman, who is overweight and, out of uniform, looks like someone with a regular arrest record rather than someone doing the arresting, is claiming a list of problems. These include not putting a sign up warning her of the kerb, not lighting it adequately, and not complying with Health and Safety legislation. Will anyone in Norfolk ever report a burglary again?

The police men and women I know regularly risk injury and even death without complaint and even when they do get injured it is viewed as part of the job, almost expected. What they must think about this turn of events one shudders to think. All I can say is this woman isn't fit to wear the same uniform as the officers I know.

Also in the news much saber rattling from North Korea's new leader Kim Jong-Un or 'Dough Boy', as I like to call him. So far he has threatened to blow up Hawaii, Guam and some areas of the United States (he's not so specific on this point), he's also declared war with South Korea. I'm not sure what it is exactly that has triggered this show of aggression but it smacks of a spoiled toddler stamping his feet and threatening to hurt those who won't let him do what he wants. The only problem is he hasn't exactly told anyone what he wants.

I watched The Voice on Saturday and wished I hadn't. It was dire, even worse that the last series. It is also not live, as is evidenced by Jessie J's hair cut. This surprised and disappointed me somewhat as I'd got the impression that it was. Either way I will not be watching that again, life is too damned short.

Well time to go and raid the cupboard and make that cake. Next blog Wednesday.