Wednesday, 1 August 2012


The bugs rumble on, however we are both feeling a little better today.

Andrew is not allergic to penicillin but the rash is linked to the virus he's picked so he is now taking antivirals as well. He looks a mess today but assures me he is feeling better and he has been able to swallow some solid food at last. He is still keeping as far away from me as possible to the extent of talking to me from the corridor rather than coming into the bedroom and sitting on the bed as he'd normally do. It is very considerate but also very sad.

I am now able to drink and keep down tea. Anything else comes back up immediately so I'm sticking with tea for today so at least I'll get my hydration back up to normal. I've also managed to keep down my anti sickness tablet so when that kicks in I'm hoping for a vast improvement. My problem is that I tread such a fine line between sick and not sick with my meds than any sickness bug sends me right over the edge and it take ages to gain back my equilibrium. I think I'm going to have to throw in the towel with this one and forget about work altogether until I can get my stomach settled again. As for my weight gain well from the way my PJ's are hanging off me I'm guessing I'm going to have to start the battle from scratch as I think I'm even lighter now than when I started the first time. How frustrating is that?

Work on the bathroom is at a complete standstill because of my frequent visits so I've nothing to report there.

Olympic Watch

Still no gold.

I have very little to say on this matter today as I haven't been keeping up with news or papers over the last day or two. I have had the TV on in the bedroom for most of the day though and have seen more of the games than I ever intended to. I enjoyed the women's gymnastics, such as shame there was no medal.

Still lots of empty seats from what I saw so obviously that has not been solved yet.

Well another short one today I'm afraid, back to bed for me, catch up soon.