Friday, 31 August 2012

The Ice Man Cometh

It's a bit on the cold side this morning.

Although the summer has been wet, the wettest in one hundred years apparently, it has still been warm. So imagine my surprise this morning when I woke up, threw the covers back and immediately broke out in goose pimples. The first thing I did was grab my dressing gown, the second shut the window and then it was downstairs to stare in disbelief at the temperature gauge. 8.5C at 0830 in the morning, surely a mistake, I haven't seen figures that low since May. I've had to dig out my slipper socks from the back of the drawer and find a cardigan to slip over my normal tee shirt. I hope this isn't a hint of things to come, a long, cold winter is the last thing we need.

I am currently on the hunt for kitties. Not for me but for Laurence who has requested a pair for his birthday. I decided to go for a rescue cats and so I rang up the Cats Protection League and quickly ran into more bureaucracy than I ever thought possible. I rang my local branch in Bedfordshire who point blank refused to deal with me because I was in a different county to my son. I was given the number of the Northampton branch and so I tried them. They refused to deal with me because my son lives in Rushden and I was given the number for the Wellingborough and Rushden branch. All the numbers are premium numbers by the way so I'd spent about two pounds so far and not actually discussed the adoption yet so it was with some trepidation I picked up the phone and dialed again.

This time I got hold of a fiercely efficient sounding woman who barked questions at me. The fact that Laurence had grown up with cats elicited a 'good' from her, he works long shifts a 'hum'. After about ten minutes of interrogation I was finally asked what I was looking for. Two males, preferably brothers, preferably under one year old, and preferably either black or grey in colour. We are in luck, there are several litters on their books at the moment and she is sure at least one litter has grey kittens. I then made the mistake of asking when we could see them.

'Oh it doesn't work like that. We will have to do a home visit to check the suitability of the home before we will allow you to view the kittens.'

I couldn't believe it, when I got our two, OK it was fourteen years ago, all I had to do was sign a contract saying that if things didn't work out I'd return them to the CPL. Now it seems the cat has to chose us, not the other way around. Fortunately Laurence is quite happy with this arrangement so I've passed his number onto the CPL so they can do the negotiations, I'll just end up footing the bill, again! Much to my chagrin I have been banned from the actual 'choosen a kitten' process. Laurence let me down as gently as he could.

'You know what you're like Mum. You go for the smallest runt because you don't think anyone else will pick them. Then you end up with a Pepper or a Tarmac. I don't want mental cases so I'll chose them, you can see them when I have already picked the tow I want.'

He may have a point, Pepper dribbled, fell off things and howled at walls, while Tarmac has taken to quacking and howls at the bath.

One last word on the subject, I was asked if the garden was enclosed with high fences, I said yes because it is. It was only when I put the phone down that I realised the stupidity of what I'd been asked. These are cats, a fence is no object. How bazaar!

Paralympics Watch

Well we've already got our first two golds and spattering of silver and bronze to go with them. 

I can't say I'm as gripped as I was with the Olympics but when it does grip me I look on with awe. The outstanding athlete for me yesterday was the Chinese swimmer who won gold. This lady has no arms and swims like a dolphin. I wouldn't even get in the water in her condition for fear of drowning. It just goes to show that if you are determined enough you can do anything no matter what obstacles are put in your way.

I have finally received my appointment for Papworth. It is on the 24th September, the exact date we'd penciled in for our get away. So once again plans have to be changed or cancelled, let's hope this time it is worth it.

I started on the shower curtain yesterday. Well I got the material our of the bag. This afternoon I plan to get the sewing machine out, you never know I might even use it.