Friday, 3 August 2012

Food Glorious Food!

Well I've now moved on to tomato soup and banana's, not together you understand. Again small amounts but I'm picking up on the frequency. I'm still a bit nauseous if I've eaten too much but mostly everything has settled down nicely. I really fancied a cheese sandwich around five yesterday evening and took an hour to pluck up courage to try half of one. Not a bad reaction but I think I might wait another day before trying a full one. The tea is interspersed with barely there blackcurrant squash and I've started on the Complan again to try and give myself a bit of a boost as I'm still incredibly wobbly. I dared to weigh myself this morning and was pleased to see I've only lost five pounds but it still means another up hill battle to put the weight back on.

Olympic Watch

Well now the golds have started coming it has turned into a cascade of medals and a big leap in the medal table. We are now fifth and look to rise higher if we keep this up.

Unfortunately good news is almost always accompanied by bad and cyclists Victoria Pendleton and Jess Varnish were disqualified from the inaugural women's team sprint for an illegal change during their second-round contest with Ukraine. What a shame, cycling was one of the events we were almost guaranteed medals in.

There was also controversy surrounding the mens win after the youngest of the group implied he'd fallen off deliberately to force a restart when the he didn't get off quickly enough on the first attempt. This has now been dismissed as a misunderstanding and 'language problems' as Philip Hindes has only been learning English for a couple of years. Even so there is a slight taint to the win now and if anyone really does fall off in the early stages of a race in future they are likely to be looked at very carefully.

And isn't it hard to believe we are already half way through!

Andrew is looking better, the rash is not so red or sore and his throat is completely fine now, thank goodness for that. Now he can talk he is chattering on about his holiday and has shown us some pictures. I'd never thought of Bulgeria as a holiday destination but it is so beautiful, and has lots to see and do apparently. However it is not disabled friendly, lots of stairs and steps, cobbled roads and very little of it is flat. Maybe one for after the transplant then.

Talking of which despite several emails and messages left on answer phones there has not been a peep out of the Brompton. A fellow PH sufferer has given me the number of the PALS admin person to get in touch with which I will be doing today. I must say though it is unusual for my PH team not to get back to me within a day or two, they are usually very good.

Another PH sufferer has advised I also contact Papworth's transplant team to see what is going on. I don't feel I can do that yet though as I haven't had it confirmed that my referral has gone though. It is all highly frustrating I must say.

I am finding it hard to find news stories worth discussing at the moment. The Olympics are all consuming and very little other news is getting through. This is another thing I do not like about the way the media, the BBC in particular, are covering the games. I keep missing things I want to see because they will give a time but not a channel. Or they will give such a large time range that you can't watch all the way through and quiet often they cut what you are watching to move to something else. It is very irritating. Now I appreciate that there is a lot going on and it is very difficult to show everything but if they have started a particular competition they should at least stick with it until the final stages.

In desperation I have switched to other channels in the hope of finding out what is going on beyond London at the moment but they are all equally obsessed and real news is now confined to a five minute round up at the end. What did catch my eye was the report that Kofi Annan has given up on his attempts to broker peace in Syria. If Kofi Annan gives up on you, you know you are in trouble.

At least the weather is getting a rest, it being our usual national obsession.

Well time for another cup of tea with the added draw of a digestive biscuit. Who can resist?