Thursday, 2 August 2012


I am feeling so much better today. Still wobbly on my feet and as weak as a kitten but better. I have stuck to white toast, tea. porridge and plain potato mash but it has all stayed down which is reassuring. I've even managed to take my warfarin again, something which was just not happening Monday and Tuesday.

Olympics Watch

Well yesterday was certainly a day of mixed fortunes.

We got GOLD! At last! And not just one but two. Well done Heather, Helen and Bradley. Let's hope this is the start of a golden shower.

For other countries the news was not so good as three Badminton teams were kicked out of the Olympics for cheating, well sort of. China, South Korea and Indonesia all saw their womens teams kicked out after some very dodgy play in last night's events. So what did they actually do? Well as I understand it they tried to manipulate the play offs by throwing matches in order to get a more favourable draw in the next round. Each team decided they did not want to meet their own countries in the play offs as that would mean only one team from their country going higher. Not actually cheating but certainly a manipulation of the contest by anyones standards. They are appealing of course but I doubt they have much chance of returning to the competition. It is such a shame that athletes or their countries, for I have no doubt the idea came from further up the feeding chain, feel they have to resort to such tactics to do well. And would they ever really be happy with the win knowing how it was gained?

Andrew's rash is not only spreading but getting worse. His hands are so sore he hasn't been able to unpack yet. On the plus side his throat has all but cleared up and he is tucking in to anything he can get his teeth around like there is no tomorrow. I've been carefully examining my hands and feet for early signs but so far I appear to have been successful in avoiding it, whatever it is. I'm still thinking allergic reaction to something as he feels fine in himself and as it is his hands and face that are mostly affected I'm thinking a contact allergy rather than something he's swallowed.

Work has started again on the bathroom and the last of the tiling has mostly been completed. There is still grouting to do and then the cleaning and polishing up of the tiles but I'm not up to doing anything like that yet so it will have to wait a while.

We have new neighbours, again.

The lovely Japanese couple are going abroad for four years because of work commitments so they have rented their house out and the new couple appear to be moving in today. I haven't seen anyone yet but there are lots of vans arriving and departing and strange cars parked outside. I hope they are nice people, we have been very lucky with our neighbours so far and I'm really hoping this new lot won't break the trend.

Peter is in work for the next couple of days so Andrew has been given orders not to let me over do it so it is another day in front of the TV. At least I've now moved from bed to settee so a definite improvement. Andrew is still keeping his distance but we can sit in the same room and talk now even if it is in chairs on opposite sides of the room..

Still heard nothing from Papworth regarding the transplant assessment so I've fired off an email to the Brompton to ask them to chase. It appears an 'urgent' referral must mean something different in hospital circles than to us mere mortals. It is so unfair that ill people are kept waiting and stressed out all the time by those that are meant to be helping us. If I ruled the NHS, grrrr!