Monday, 6 August 2012

How Rude!

I am venturing out today for a brief shopping trip. Now that Andrew is back on form we are being eaten out of house and home again so the cupboards need some serious stocking up. Of course now the dust from his holiday and illness has settled his thoughts are turning to university and I'm detecting a slight show of nerves. He keeps talking about clearing as though he expects to have to go through it. He's also mentioned getting a job for a year and resiting his exams with the intention of trying again next year. I'm hoping it is all just nerves but if it isn't then I'll be here for him.

Olympic Watch

I'm going to have a little moan, just a little one so here goes.

Yes it was an amazing achievement but others won gold this weekend apart from Jessica Ennis. I don't wish to put her down in anyway, it is not her fault, but she is only one of many medal winners this weekend so why is she the only one to be constantly on the front pages of our newspapers. I find the fact that other winners are being ignored very rude and frankly insulting. Could it possibly be because she is not only a great athlete but is also pretty, when some of the other winners are less photogenic? I do hope the obsession with looks is not encroaching its way into sport as well.

One person who really deserved to be on the front pages this morning was Andy Murray who comprehensively beat Federer and won the first tennis gold since 1908. Of course that achievement is not good enough for our media and so Usain Bolt took center stage who isn't even British and did exactly what he was expected to do.

Not really OW but related, does the country now have a new set of role models for children to look up too?

This question was put by one of the columnists in my paper this morning and it is one that is worth debating. For too long now the vacuous, plastic world of 'celebrity' has been at the fore front of our children's ambitions. Most think that the way to becoming famous and earning pots of money is to appear on a reality show or marry a footballer. This of course requires no effort as long as you have a pretty face and a self obsession of terrifying proportions.

The Olympics are showing youngsters that there are other ways to the top but will they take up the challenge? The people we see on the podiums day after day have worked hard since very young for their brief moment of glory and this is where we reach a sticking point. Most of today's youngsters don't want to work hard for something, they expect it to fall into their lap. So will we see an increased uptake of sport? Yes I expect we will for a while then the reality will set in and all but a few will go back to playing video games, eating crisps and dreaming of being old enough to apply for Big Brother. Sad but true.

Well the shopping trip passed off without major incident so why did I leave the shop fuming?

I was in the queue with my trolley of approx thirty items when this business type woman came behind me with just two items so, as I have done many times before, I asked her if she wanted to go ahead of me, which she did. She then left without a word of thanks, just paid and left. Even the girl working on the checkout commented on how rude the woman had been. Apart from being angry I was really shocked. I've let every sort of person past me, some who look as though they'd rip your head off soon as look at you, and all have said thanks. And yet a respectable looking, suited woman in her mid forties totally ignored me. No wonder people are so horrible to each other when even those you expect to be polite can't be bothered. Unfortunately she has made me think twice about making this gesture in the future. I probably still will but if you are a business woman in a suit expect to be ignored.

It is the warfarin clinic tomorrow, joy!