Saturday, 4 August 2012

High Hopes

For five glorious minutes this morning I considered going into work as I felt really well. However this idea was swiftly sat on by Peter who has told me that work is out of the question until I've had a day of eating proper meals. He is right of course and often steps in to save me from myself. So today I'm making a determined effort to try and eat normally. You know what it is like though, you just start feeling really well and want to keep that feeling and so food sort of becomes the enemy. You know that eating might make you feel ill again so you start avoiding it. Now I love my food, always have, so this is a worrying development but one I'm not going to let take hold.

Finally heard from the Brompton regarding my transplant referral. They are disgusted that I still haven't heard from Papworth and are going to do some chasing for me. I am to let them know if I still haven't heard anything by the end of next week.

I have found a new ally in the road back to normality, watermelon! This stuff is ideal, it is light, tasty, not acidic and full of liquid and is going down a treat. I've eaten at least half of a whacking big one already and Peter only brought it home at tea time last night. Today I am planning my first proper meal, a light pasta with a delicate tomato sauce, minus the garlic and chilli's I normally add. If I can keep that down I know I'm on to a winner.

Olympic Watch

Andy Murray is guaranteed at least a silver medal after beating Djokovic in the semi's yesterday. I am ecstatic! He will be meeting Federer in a final yet again, time for revenge I wonder?

There was another flurry of medals yesterday bringing us up to fourth in the medal table with a total of 22 medals, eight of which are gold. Today there are 25 medals up for grabs in various events, let's hope some come our way.

The only thing I can find to complain about today is the banning of Pimms at Wimbledon. Why? Because they manufacturers are not official sponsors of course, pathetic isn't it. There are still empty seats but not so many now as spares are now being sold nightly online and for as low as a fiver, now if they had only done this from the start we wouldn't have had any empty seats at all.

Andrew's rash has all but disappeared overnight. He's gone from looking like a smallpox victim to your average acned teenager in a matter of hours. He even managed to have a shower, a great relief for all, which he has been unable to do up to now as his skin was so sore.

Isn't it typical, the moment I start feeling better the heavens open and the rain starts pouring and an afternoon on the decking with a good book has been shelved. So I'm looking at another afternoon of slobbing in front of the TV but fed up with doing absolutely nothing I'm going to combine watching with ironing, not too much, but a small start on the mountain that has built up over the last week, yes I can tell Andrew is back. I have been ordered not to touch the bathroom, an order I can easily obey as polishing grout off tiles is hardly my favourite occupation.

In the news the mother of Mark Duggan, whose death sparked last years riots, is claiming he was 'assassinated' by police. How ridiculous a statement is that, and how irresponsible. Her comments are stirring up 'feelings' in those who would like nothing better than another excuse for more civil unrest. An excuse this women is plainly handing to them on a plate by advertising a memorial service for Duggan on Sunday as though he were some hero.

Now I am not going to say his death wasn't sad and I am not going to say the police get it right all the time but in this case I don't believe they had much choice. Duggan was a serial offender who was known for violence, he refused to cooperate with the police and had in his possession a gun which despite warnings he refused to put down and repeatedly pointed at police. Yes the death shouldn't have happened but Duggan was not the total innocent in all this and at least partially contributed to his own death. Hero he definitely is not.

Well off to prepare my first proper meal, I have to say I am really looking forward to eating again.