Monday, 13 August 2012

Weird...But Wonderful

As the Olympics come to an end I am left wondering how a cynical 'hates everything about the Olympics' person like me managed to shed a tear while watching the flame go out.

Over the last two weeks I've watched, in no particular order, tennis, boxing gymnastics, running, cycling, swimming, BMX, canoing, kayaking, shooting, archery, mountain biking, pentathlon, decathlon, heptathlon, long jump, high jump, triple jump, marathon and diving. At each event I was on the edge of my seat willing Team GB to come away with a medal and by an large they did. I'd rush home form work each night and sit watching until forced to bed by Peter. I'd avidly read every word in the papers the next day and constantly checked the medals table to see how we were doing.

While I watched the opening ceremony with a sense of dread, vowing it would be the only thing I'd be watching I slowly got drawn in as the medals started to arrive. Last night I sat down in eager anticipation and a sense of sadness that what was to come would be magnificent but also the final breathes of a wonderful event. I must say it didn't disappoint and was a wacky as the opening ceremony, if not slightly more so. To be honest the first half hour was, well boring and slightly confusing but it soon picked up. I loved the fact that the loudest singing was to Eric Idle's 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life'. I was amused at Boris Johnson, London's mayor, bopping away enthusiastically to the Spice Girls, though I must admit to a secret longing for one of them to fall off the top of her taxi. George Michael was a surprise and John Lennon was very fitting, and really should have been the last song. It was a little spooky having John and Freddie Mercury appearing in digital form but both represented the talent we have lost while Jessie J and her mates showed all too clearly that the ability to sing is no longer needed to be a pop star. My one grip was letting Jessie perform with Queen, Queen songs require a powerful but melodious voice not a screeching banshee. Tom Jones, George Michael or even Meatloaf would have been better.

There were the weird bits of course, a giant octopus for one, Russell Brand for another, though he was quite good, and Del and Rodney as Batman and Robin, though I suspect that bit was lost on our foreign visitors. And Darcy Bussell on fire flying into the arena. Thankfully Paul McCartney was shelved this time but we got Roger Daltry instead. He was better but only slightly.

Now it is all over and the cauldron is now dark and silent. Do they light it again for the Paralympics I wonder? They must do, mustn't they? Only another two weeks until we find out. There will be less coverage, though I don't see why that should be, but I will be rushing home again each night to see how we are doing.

So what was my favourite, most defining moment of the games? Well it has to be Andy Murray winning the tennis, not just because I am a fan but because he over came a personal stumbling block called Roger Federer and has finally silenced his doubters, well most of them anyway. Next year's Wimbledon could be very different as Murray goes into it as the Olympic champion, and hopefully with renewed confidence. Tom Daley came a very close second.

So how have I been doing well it has been a very strange four days in the office. Lots of weird calls from people with far to much time on their hands, but that is what you get at weekends.

This week the excitement was provided! I took a bit of a tumble in the locker room and couldn't get up. One minute I was opening my locker to put my stuff away, the next I was on the floor with all my stuff scattered around me. I sat for a moment contemplating my situation and realised I was stuck as there was nothing for me to hang on to on which I could pull myself up. I waited for a while hoping someone would come in but being six on a Saturday evening it was a forlorn hope so I had to phone my office to summon help. And boy did help come, I immediately heard footsteps and voices shouting as two of my colleagues burst into the room. I felt such a fool. After making sure I was OK I was hauled to my feet by one of my male colleagues and escorted to my car in case I went over again. Looking back it was hilarious but I'm slightly worried as I don't remember what happened. I have swellings the size of eggs on both knees which are a fetching shade of purple and a large bruise on my hip so I obviously hit the floor hard. I will be calling the doctor to get myself checked out.

In the news no one can have missed or be moved by the murder of Tia Sharp. I hate to say this but I had Stuart Hazell pegged from the moment I saw him. It is nearly always a family member or someone close to the family that ends up being the offender. Is the grandmother involved? Well I really cannot see how she didn't know something was wrong. My guess is both will eventually be charged and hopefully locked up for life.

It is rest day today and the only thing I am doing is cooking lunch then onto the settee to catch up on all my recorded soaps and rest my poor knees.