Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Great Achievements

Well the trip to the warfarin clinic was unusually short and sweet this morning. My bottom had barely brushed the seat when my name was called. I mentioned how few people were in compared to my last visit and was told by a rather world weary nurse that it was the 'Olympics effect'. Apparently outpatients appointments are being cancelled left, right and center because people would rather be watching the sport than sitting in a smelly clinic waiting to be jabbed. Who'd have thought it! On the down side the minute the Olympics finish the clinic is going to be over run. I hope my appointment is another ten week one, I suspect September will be hell.

Had a phone call from Laurence last night. He was asking if it were all right for him to sleep over on Saturday as he is planning to hit the town with his mates and didn't want to travel all the way back to his. Of course I am delighted to have him back under my roof again, even if it is for just one night. I'm getting excited already.

Olympic Watch

It seems our medal success has provoked a bit of moaning from our French and Australian cousins who are finding it hard to believe how good we are in certain events. The Australians sound positively shell shocked and are blaming their poor showing on the fact that most of their coaches have been lured abroad to take charge of their rivals. Meanwhile the French have hinted at possible cheating going on, especially in the cycling events. The French representatives deny they are accusing us of using drugs but are miffed that Team GB cover their bike wheels at the end of events. This is not unusual as many teams do the same but the French don't like it. What a shame!

Victory for common sense!

I was so pleased to read about this story in the paper this morning. This is the story of an unemployed graduate who, as part of the governments new 'Back To Work' programme was told to attend work experience at Poundland for a few weeks. Now before I go any further this scheme only applies to those classed as long term unemployed, and this woman had been out of work for going on two years. In a fit of pique she claimed that the scheme was akin to slavery and breached her human rights and promptly took the government to court. What she actually meant was that she considered working in Poundland beneath her. Yesterday her case was thrown out of court, brilliant!

Yes the DWP were found to be at fault for not making things clearer in their correspondence about the scheme, but then when have the DWP been clear about anything. However in the DWP's defense, many are sick to death of paying taxes just so perfectly healthy human beings can live on benefits doing absolutely nothing to earn them. I for one welcome such schemes and to be fair anyone claiming money from the public purse should comply with any conditions applied to it.

In other news NASA are going crazy celebrating the safe landing of their Rover on the surface of Mars. Now although an exciting event it isn't really up there with the great achievements of all time is it. In 1969 we landed a man on the moon, I know I watched it, and Concorde took its first flight, and in 1981 the first space shuttle was launched. All three involved technology that is no longer available to us, most due to cost. Each one, in my opinion, is a far greater achievement than the landing of a mini on Mars.

Wouldn't it be nice if, instead of looking for life on other planets, NASA put its energy and know how into solving world hunger? Just a thought.