Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Having A Knees Up

It was our 29th wedding anniversary yesterday but unfortunately Peter had to work so we are celebrating today instead. We are spending the whole day together doing fun things such a taking a long lazy lunch at a country pub and if the weather holds a stroll somewhere with our cameras. So excuse this blog for being a little shorter than usual.

Laurence came to stay over the weekend as promised but I didn't see much of him. I got home at 6.30 and he was away at 8 pm for a night out with his mates, I was in bed by the time he came in. We did manage a nice meal together before he went out though and had a nice chat over breakfast on Sunday morning. Still it was nice to have him around again even if it was only briefly.

My knees are going down but the bruising has spread so I look like I'm wearing a couple of sweat bands around them. A trip to the doctor revealed low blood pressure so I've been given advice to not stand for long periods and to be careful getting up from a sitting or lying position. I have an appointment to see the Brompton next week so I'll mention it to them, it could be that my meds need adjusting again.

Although the Olympics have ended they are not out of the news yet as the BBC seems reluctant to let go. Our news bulletins were full of pictures of hung over athletes gathering at Heathrow to fly home. I wonder how long it will be before the euphoria wears off?

In other news more details are emerging in the Tia Sharp case. It appears she might have been smothered before being hidden in the loft. By all accounts this roof space was blazing hot and we all know that heat accelerates decomposition so how come no one smelt her during the initial searches? It could be that this was a Shannon Matthews situation that went wrong or her body was moved, hence the arrest of the neighbour. Of course the most pressing question is why she was killed and I doubt very much that Stuart Hazell will ever tell us the real reason. What I found curious is that, despite his picture being shown on every news bulletin and splashed across countless newspapers, when he appeared in court by video link we got a court drawing. That seems to be a case of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted to me, I mean what was the point?

For those that don't know or don't remember Shannon went missing aged eight sparking a huge search and offers of large rewards for her safe return. However her mother's acting skills were not up to much and police got suspicious. Shannon was found twenty days later hidden and drugged in the storage space of a double bed at her uncle's house. Shannon was taken into care and mother and uncle jailed. The pair cooked up the plan of the uncle suddenly 'finding' Shannon and claiming the reward which they'd split between them. I cannot imagine anyone would copy such a stupid plan but there are some very stupid people about and to be fair neither Stuart Hazell or Tia's grandmother look very bright.

The news that really excited me though is the discovery of two, or possibly more, pyramids in the Egyptian dessert. Not everyone is enamored by Google but this time their Google Earth cameras seem to have come up trumps by discovering something that is invisible from the ground. As a lover of everything Ancient Egyptian I am beside myself and cannot wait for these discoveries to be examined by archaeologists. They have obviously lain undiscovered for thousands of years so there is a good chance that if they are pyramids they will be intact. Maybe their contents will top those of Tutankhamen. And who is in them? We know that lots of Pharaohs have not been discovered, could we soon be adding a few more to our list? if you want to see these amazing pictures for yourself just follow the link.

Well must go and try to make myself look more human for my big day out. Will tell you all about it tomorrow.