Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday did not go entirely to plan it has to be said, though we did have a lovely day.

Andrew was going into London with some mates for a party and I was originally told that he wouldn't be in for lunch, hence our plan to go out for a pub lunch. However he then announced that he wasn't leaving until half past one so would be in for lunch. So we had a hastily made curry instead. The we decided that as half the day had gone we would put our plans on hold and celebrate today instead. Andrew wasn't expected back until late afternoon. So we got our shopping and chores out of the way first and I was treated to a bottle of expensive perfume in John Lewis.

We arrived home to a deserted house and settled in for a quiet night, possibly with a DVD and maybe even a glass of wine or two. I was even thinking take away as a rare treat then the door bell rang and standing on the doorstep was Andrew. Apparently some of the people at this party were not the type of people many would want to be around. He didn't say anything but I got the impression that drugs might have been involved, so he decided to leave before things got out of hand and come home. Disappointing for him and frustrating for us but I'd rather he come home that get involved in something that might affect his future.

Today several things have conspired against us. Firstly Andrew being home but he doesn't mind us going out and has said he will make his own lunch. Then the weather, any chance of taking pictures in the countryside are well and truly off due to rain and high winds. Finally there is me, I'm having a bad day, a really, really bad day. Although my lungs are clear I'm having difficulty breathing and, although I haven't eaten a thing, I feel really full and bloated and anything I swallow make me feel even worse. I'm hoping it is just an off day but I've made an appointment with my GP for tomorrow just in case it is another infection brewing. Quite often the next day I'll feel as though nothing happened and if that is the case I will cancel, as seeing my GP twice in four days is a little bit much, even for me.

So today is another in front of the TV doing as little as possible and hoping things start to improve. I'm so bad at the minute I've had to put my oxygen on.

In the news it seems the ticket fiasco that dogged the Olympics is now causing problem for the Paralympics too. It seems that if you want to attend and are in a wheelchair you will have to sit on your own is the designated wheelchair area while you family will have to sit else where in the arena, and that could be right over the other side. If you are severely disabled one person may be allowed to sit with you, I've no idea what they class as 'severely disabled', to me being in a wheelchair is disabled enough isn't it? So how are these wheelchair bound spectators meant to get to the toilets, get a drink, alert someone that they are not feeling well or take their medications? Can I just remind you we are talking about disabled people going to watch disabled people here, crazy! I've no doubt this situation will be swiftly resolved once the public outcry alerts the powers that be what idiots they are being but it shouldn't need an outcry to point this out. These are games for disabled people surely they expected disable people to want to go and watch.

I still haven't heard from Papworth regarding my 'urgent' referral. Maybe they are hoping I pop my clogs before they get round to me. Sometimes it really feels as though that is the reason for all the delays. So I've fired off another email to my specialists at the Brompton to ask what the hell is going on. It is not their fault, they did exactly what they promised. I'm reluctant to phone Papworth myself as I don't know who to shout at, and I don't want to get myself in their bad books before I even see them by getting myself classed as an awkward patient. It is all very frustrating. In fact I'd even class it as cruel. If they are going to turn me down I'd rather know now than wait the six months it took Harefield to do the same.

Well I promised myself I wouldn't get worked up about this so I'm going to take my mind off it by watching Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor. Brilliant film but too long for one sitting, unless you are ill and can't do anything else of course.