Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bugs, We Got 'Em


Andrew is home safe and sound but not at all well. He has a terrible bug and can hardly talk so I've made him an appointment to see the GP later and am staying at arms length. I really, really want to hug him but just dare not get too close. I'm bad enough with home grown bugs, bugs from abroad could be really dangerous. He brought me some little presents including a fridge magnet, I collect them and the tackier the better, a bottle of wine and some rose jam. Apparently they eat a lot of roses and I am assured this jam is fabulous with a bit of Camembert.

I am writing this blog with great difficulty. Smirnoff is lying asleep across my desk with his bum right on top of my mouse cable. Every time I try to use the mouse he stretches out a lazy paw and pushes me away. It is annoying but I don't have the heart to move him.

The bathroom is almost done! The new radiator it up, the bath and shower are fully sealed, so we can do away with the plastic sheeting at last, and we've put in th new fixings, toilet roll holder, soap dispenser etc. It really is the odds and ends to finish off now so Peter is taking a well earned day off.

Olympics Watch

Well another day another security gaff, this time the police are to blame. They managed to lose the keys to Wembly stadium and as a result all the locks have had to be changed.

Two medals for Team GB so far, a silver in cycling and a bronze in swimming but we are still looking for that first elusive gold.

Sad news for Team GB and Bedfordshire in particular when Paula Radcliffe was ruled out last night due to a foot injury.

The empty seat row rumbles on and I must admit there were a fair few from what I could see yesterday. Lord Coe is in complete denial and is telling everyone who will listen that the venues are 'packed', when plainly this is not the case. Others are not wasting their time on denials and are trying to come up with ways of ensuring tickets are passed on if not used within a certain time. First idea I heard was to give them free to the off duty members of the armed forces and police who have been drafted in. This is a brilliant idea and I hope they go with it.

In other sports news well done to Lewis and Jenson, here's hoping the rest of the season goes their way. There is no racing in August so everyone can have a bit of a breather.


Yesterday's blog was rudely interrupted by a sudden and severe stomach bug, nothing to do with Andrew I might add who is going back to the doctors today having developed a very nasty rash. He was given penicillin for his throat yesterday and I really hope he isn't becoming allergic to it.

Olympic Watch

Still loads of empty seats, still fuming that I didn't get a ticket, Lord Coe still denying there is a problem. 

Watched the Gymnasts get their medal, such a shame it wasn't gold, or silver. As for blaming everything on Tom Daly well some people don't seem to realise 'synchronized means there must be more than one. So should some of the flack be going in the direction of Tom's partner Pete Waterfield?

Giving up on the blog for today, must go back to bed. Hope to be back soon.