Thursday, 16 August 2012

Some Good News At Last

Hi did it, he did it, he did it! A in Biology, B in Physics and C in Psychology plus an email confirming his place in university. To say I am happy would be a complete understatement. He has worked so hard and waited so long for this and it was all worth it. I haven't been this thrilled since Laurence got accepted into the Prison Service and I went to his graduation. Now I have another graduation to look forward too. Not sure I'm going to be quite so thrilled when my credit card starts taking a battering but that will be worth it too.

Right feet back on the ground, although I feel better today I'm still went to see my GP. Being so close to the weekend I've decided not to take a chance and to get some antibiotics in case things decide to flare up again on Friday evening, which always seems to happen to me. After a through examination she decided that although I didn't have an infection yet I had a slight wheeze and crackle on one side so has given me antibiotics as a precaution. This is what I like about my GP surgery, they've begun to see the benefits in prevention rather than cure and as a result I've had a lot less time off work this year.

I was really sad to see that Prince Phillip has been admitted to hospital again. At ninety one I can't help thinking he needs to ease up on his work load and start taking more care of himself. A lot of people do not like the Royal family, they believe they are free loaders, over privileged and cost us lots of money. I agree that there are some members who really should be given a kick up the backside, I can think of two Princesses for a start. However how many of these wingers would be happy to see themselves or a member of their family still working at that age? Unlike normal people of their age the Queen and Prince Phillip will never be able to retire. They will literally work until they drop, surely that if nothing else deserves to be admired or at least respected..

Well I did watch Cleopatra right through from start to finish, what a brilliant film, no special effects, no aliens, no foul language, just pure class from start to finish. They really don't make them like that anymore. This afternoon's viewing will be less awe inspiring as I will be watching the opening episode of Celebrity Big Brother. I always watch the opening show to see if there really are any celebrities in it and as I will be doing the ironing at the same time I wanted something I didn't have to think to much about. I decided to record it to get rid of all the annoying adverts, they could easily cut two hours down to one if they didn't put in an ad break between each reveal. The other reason is because I am watching an absolutely brilliant serial on BBC2 at the moment called Vexed. It is a sort of comedy/drama about two police detectives who don't get along. The characters are a bit formulaic but it is well written and quite funny in places. Worth a look if you get the chance 9pm BBC2 Wednesdays.

Well as I said I have ironing and things to do before work tomorrow. At the moment I feel I am well enough to go so expect the next blog in four days. If however a blog appears tomorrow you'll know that things are not quite what they should be.