Sunday, 5 August 2012


Well I've gone from not caring about the Olympics, and being slightly miffed that all my favourite programmes have either been moved or stopped altogether, to 'wow' in the space of one evening. Yes I've been pleased when hearing about our sports people winning medals, and I did watch Murray storm to the final and a guaranteed silver but I've been fairly unmoved up to now. Like most of the nation I was on the edge of my seat watching Mo Farrar last night and our planned film night went down the drain yet again.

I can officially announce I am feeling a lot, lot better. I managed my first proper meal yesterday and enjoyed every morsel. I'm going for something a little more substantial today and I'm eating fruit by the bucket load. I'm still having the odd wobbly moment, which is a bit strange, but on the whole I've got my old zing back.

Of course now that I'm feeling better I've got all the jobs I've put off facing me and foremost is a pile of bedding and towels to be washed and dried. I did the ironing yesterday, well most of it, but by tonight there will be another pile waiting in the wings. Still I have four days to catch up so I don't need to go for it hammer and tongs.

After my early morning soak, Andrew did his paper round so we were all up and dressed by eight, I was banned from the bathroom as Peter is finishing up all the little tricky bits and doesn't want to keep clearing things up so I can use the loo. Not for the first time I am I thanking our fore thought in having a second loo put in when the boys were little.

Talking of Andrew his rash has cleared up nicely and had been reduced to a few spots here and there. We are all very relieved not least that neither Peter or myself caught it. I'm giving it one more day and then he is going to get a great big hug.

Olympic Watch

I am finding it difficult to find anything to put into today's edition, everything has more or less been said in the main blog. So in the absence of news that has actually happened I'm going to make note of what has not happened.

We are at the mid point and we haven't been attacked in any shape or form. Now it might be that the sight of an aircraft carrier in the Thames is enough to put off the most determined terrorist but I doubt it. Although it is good to be careful, and in this day and age security is a must, I'm now wondering if we have gone just a little bit overboard. We have rocket launchers on top of tower blocks for goodness sake. Do the powers that be really think an attack is going to be as obvious as someone trying to fly a plane into the stadium? Any terrorist, or loan nutter, as there are plenty of them about too, worth his salt will not be an obvious source of threat. Let's face it, you walk in with 'I am a terrorist' on your tee shirt you are going to find yourself in a cell being strip searched before you can draw breathe. If an attack comes it will be carried out by the most normal looking person in the building but with a bit of luck the second half of the games will be as peaceful as the first.

Before I finish OW I just want to point out how sad some people really are. We have had a fantastic week of sport. Sports that are never normally seen on British TV are being shown and vast numbers are watching them. However after the best day of the games for Team GB so far, six golds, there are still people saying that their whole weekend is ruined because the football team are out of the competition. I am speechless.

Do you remember me saying a few blogs back how delighted I was to find a pair of original wooden Scholls. Well I've fallen out of love with them big time after one slipped off my foot yesterday and clouted me on the ankle then caused immense pain as I stepped on it sideways. The bruise is a sight to see and my foot still aches. I don't remember doing that in my twenties.

Oh dear, another day another plaster, time to patch up the husband again.