Thursday, 23 August 2012

Knights In White Satin

Calm has been restored helped significantly by two events that occurred this morning.

First a phone call offering a deep apology and the promise that heads will be banged together. Second a fabulous letter written by my outraged and unexpected supporter. I am hoping to look forward to some grovelling next week. When it has all blown over I will fill you in with what happened but for now I want to keep things close to my chest, I hope you understand.

I slept better last night though I don't know whether that was from sheer exhaustion or because the intense pain of the last few days is subsiding. Having said that it might be because the cavalry are now at my back and ready to leap into action if need be. All my barriers are now back in place. It has meant getting rid of some friends that I will miss but I have to think of me for now and I will feel safer not having them around.

I have even managed to eat, OK, one handful of grapes and a packet of prawn cocktail crisps is not much but I have to start somewhere.

Yesterdays blog was published about two hours before it was announced that Tony Nicklinson, a victim of 'locked in syndrome', had died. Tony and his wife campaigned tirelessly for the right to assisted suicide since his stroke back in 2004. He died peacefully of pneumonia in the end and the years of further suffering that he dreaded are gone. Clearly when I was talking about suicide being the cowards way out I was not referring to people like Tony, who is probably one of the bravest people I've ever heard of. More than that he stood up for what he truly believed and will be remembered for the inspiration he gave to others during his long fight for justice.

I paid for Andrew's deposit for his university accommodation today and I have to say I'm a bit pissed off.

Not only are they forcing him to live on campus but are demanding £400 upfront, before he even gets his grant, to secure his room. I said I would pay with some of my savings and he could pay me back when he had the money. When we got onto the website to pay we discovered that they will only accept payment by credit card then had the cheek to charge me £6 for the privilege of doing so. Where do these people get off? Still it is done now and I've transfered my savings onto my card so I shouldn't incur any interest. It is lucky for Andrew that he has a parent with a credit card who is able to step in and help but what about the thousands that are not so fortunate? How do they get through the red tape?

Another minor irritation came in the form of my optician who called to say my new contacts were in. I'd forgotten I was down to my last box and had run out before ordering so I'm wearing my old prescription at the moment which I kept as a back up. Things are a little fuzzy around the edges but it isn't too bad. Anyway I drove into town, picked my lenses up and returned home. I had assumed that as the optician had called to say my lenses were in he had checked them so imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find the wrong lenses in the wrong prescription. So another trip into town later I come away with a deep apology and a week's supply of free lenses to keep me going until they can sort it out. Maybe it was because I had my best 'don't fuck with me' face on but I can highly recommend Boots opticians for the speedy resolution to a problem.

So I am off to the Brompton tomorrow for a check up and to discuss recent events. They are also organising a letter so I am going to be armed to the teeth come Saturday. I have an early appointment so I hope to be back in time to write another blog but if I'm not then there will be a hum dinger of one one Tuesday.

Enjoy the Bank Holiday.