Wednesday, 8 August 2012

You Got Mail

While I am writing this I am waiting for a phone call from Andrew. He went to a party at a friends house and elected to spend the night so he could have a drink or two. A wise move I'm sure you'll agree but annoying when you've been up since seven waiting for a call that still hasn't come two hours later.

Had a very interesting postbag this morning. Firstly my results came back from the Warfarin clinic saying I don't have to see them again until October 16th, that's ten whole weeks. For a needle phobic there really couldn't be much better news.

The second letter is from the Brompton asking me to go in and see my consultant in two weeks. This is a bit of a surprise as I wasn't meant to see him again until the end of September. Now of course I'm worrying that he may have bad news to tell me and doesn't want to do it over the phone. I'm not sure what I'm going to do if Papworth have said no.

I am back to full working order and have had two days of normal meals without any problems so I'm planning a return to work tomorrow. In a strange way I'm rather looking forward to it, it will take my mind off my appointment for a start. Being home on your days off are usually enjoyable and because of this you can never pack in everything you want to do in. Being home because you are ill is not fun at all especially when the house is full of noise, dust and strange smells and you are banned from the bathroom for long periods of time.

So today is going to be a day of getting ready in between watching TV. To be fair I had already washed and ironed my work stuff ages ago so all I need to do is make sure Andrew and Peter don't starve while I'm at work. I usually make a couple of tubs of pasta sauce (different ones of course) and pop them in the fridge, then all they have to do is boil up some pasta and blast the sauce in the microwave. Of late though Andrew has experimented with cooking bacon, eggs and sausages. He says he is practicing for uni, which is good, but a vegetable or two won't go amiss.

Olympic Watch

Haven't we done well, several records broken, the best ever haul of medals in an Olympics and still five days to go. No wonder other countries are looking at us as if something strange is happening. Great Britain has become used to being the nearly man, 'nearly' winning Wimbledon, 'nearly' winning football etc, etc and suddenly we are leaving everyone else behind. If we are so good at all these other sports isn't it time we saw more of them on mainstream TV?

Talking of seeing more on mainstream TV, are the paralympics going to get as much coverage as the main event? I certainly think they should, after all have the athletes taking part worked any less hard? Or might they just have worked that little bit harder?

In the news, new pictures of the Loch Ness Monster. Having done the maths this poor creature must about three hundred years old by now. I have to admit the new picture is very convincing but photography is no longer the medium that doesn't lie. Now I'm not saying the photograph has been manipulated but making it public at the height of the tourist season seems just a little too fortuitous to me.

Well the next blog will be in four days, catch you then.