Monday, 30 September 2013

Lazy Monday

Ahh! The joy of waking up on a Monday morning, realising you don't have to go into work and then snuggling back under the covers for a couple of hours.

It's times like this that I really question the sense of going into work. I feel so much healthier when I can get up at my own pace and do nothing but potter all day. Being a lady of leisure is really starting to appeal but deep down I know I'd soon get bored and frustrated. I'd also miss all my work buddies. That's the problem with holidays, they are a treat. If the state become permanent it starts to loose it's appeal. If I were well and rich no problem, I'd travel the world and have a whale of a time, but ill and just managing, it's a different story. So I must enjoy this little break while I can.

Yesterday I spent relaxing and trying to recover from Friday and Saturday. It was a fairly nice sunny day so I sat in the living room with the windows open, far too chilly now to be out in the garden, and read, only stopping to eat and watch the Moto GP. In the afternoon I did a little bit of housework before going back to the settee to read again.

I did have a bit of a disaster at lunch time.

We were sitting eating, I'd made pork loin chops with carrot and swede mash (my absolute favourite), peas and mashed potato and lashing of gravy. As we were chatting I wasn't looking at what I was doing and attempted to cut into my chop. I don't know how I managed it but I skidded my knife across the plate towards me and with it came the gravy. It was all over me. I even got gravy on the little bag I use at home to carry my pump around in. Of course Andrew and Peter found it absolutely hilarious. I was not so amused and went to change only to come back down in clean trousers and sit on a pool of gravy I'd missed when wiping up. Three pairs of trousers in one hour is not good. More washing for me darn it! The cats found me fascinating all afternoon, probably because I carried the faint whiff of gravy around with me for the rest of the day. My bag will have to be washed but I'll have to use it until I get a full load as I don't have another one. I'm just going to have to get used to all the extra feline attention for a day or two. I did try sponging it but it still stinks, joy!

In the evening Peter went out so I had the house to myself and watched back to back NCIS. I never watched it until a few weeks ago and now I'm addicted and watch it whenever I can.

Andrew made it down the motorway unscathed and is thoroughly enjoying the feeling of more power. He says he feels less vulnerable now as he can accelerate out of trouble. I'm not sure whether that makes me feel better or worse. Of course he is delighted at the admiring looks he's got from his flat mates and he has finally conquered his alarm system.

Today we are going to go out for a mooch around the shops. I'm looking for Christmas ideas. I normally resist doing anything regarding Christmas until late November at the earliest but, since being on the transplant list and knowing my world could be turned upside down with one phone call, I decided not to risk delaying and to just get on with it. We are also out looking for something for Andrew as it's his birthday on Saturday. He'll be twenty, can you believe that! I feel so old no longer having teenage kids around. We might even make it into a charity shop or two to do some book hunting.

I have absolutely no plans for the rest of the week and believe me that is a good thing. Well actually I have one plan and that is to make a birthday cake for Andrew. I'm hoping for a few good days so we can go out with the camera and get some pictures taken.

Finally I awoke this morning to some fabulously exciting news. I'm sworn to secrecy at the moment but hopefully tomorrow's blog will reveal all.

Right time to get my glad rags on.