Saturday, 28 September 2013

Goodbye, Hello

Well after a hectic day yesterday welcome to hectic day two.

Firstly lets finished off what I started in yesterday's post. I still cannot remember the name of this new form of Flolan. I've racked my brains and nothing is surfacing but when it does you'll be the first too know.

I don't know why I got so upset. It is not a big meds change but I suppose it is natural not to like hearing that you've deteriorated again, even if it is only a little bit. I' ve felt so well on my current meds for so long the thought of upsetting the delicate balance between feeling better and puking every five seconds, or feeling a bit bad and still being able to eat is daunting. I know it is still Flolan at the end of the day so maybe my fears are unfounded. All I can do is wait and see.

To cheer me up, and to try and put on some more weight while still able to eat, we called in at the Ace Cafe on the way home for lunch. I had the British breakfast which consisted of bacon, sausage, beans, tomato, mushrooms, egg and toast. I didn't finish it but I had a little bit of everything, which is more than I usually manage. I washed it all down with a mug of tea and started to feel better.

From the Ace we headed up the M1 to Hatfield and Tesco. Our shopping went down from near enough £100 to just over £20, the teenage boy effect is enormous. Then, with still an hour to kill before picking Andrew up, we decided to look around the Galleria. How disappointing, Milton Keynes is miles better. The Galleria did have a Tefal shop and a Le Creuset shop which pleased me no end as I'm always on the hunt for stuff that will make my life easier. Finally, at just gone four, we picked Andrew up and headed home. Shattered, thirsty, and in need of some fruit.

This morning it was up at half seven to take the Honda to Bedford and after exchanging paperwork and money it was on to Letchworth to pick up the Suzuki. I was still not sure about the whole thing. The new bike looks so big to me. However after watching him in the mirrors as he followed me home it didn't look too bad. He certainly knew how to handle it and looked safe so some of my worries have eased, though I suspect they will surface again when he's riding it up and down the motorway to placement every day. In the meantime he's promised to take it easy while he's getting used to it and as he's a sensible child I know I can trust him not to go and do anything silly.

So one and a half days into my holiday and so far I've done nothing I actually want to do. Still Canterbury is not far away and once there I'll be at no one's beck and call except my own.

Strictly Come Dancing Watch

Yes it's back and the first six celebrities danced last night with surprisingly good results. 

I have to admit I had to force myself to stay awake to watch it but I'm so glad I did. My favourite of the night was Susanna Reed. That girl can move, however I am a bit worried about those celebs that seem so good at the beginning. They start well but then as others start to improve they tend to fall behind and in some cases, Scott Maslen, burn themselves out.

Mark Benton was surprisingly good, obviously following Lisa Riley' lead by proving big people can be light on their feet. He added just the right amount of comedy to his routine too, which always helps.

Tony Jacklin was bottom of the heap but again I thought he was better than average. His nerves were playing him up badly but he got through it with only one minor slip.

All in all a good introduction but then the real turkeys of the competition are dancing tonight. I'm thinking Vanessa Feltz here. The one person I am really looking forward to is Hairy Biker Dave Myers. I think he could be either surprisingly good or downright awful. However which every side of average he lands I'm sure he will be entertaining and is so laid back he probably won't give a toss about what anyone thinks. As long as he gets a round of applause he'll be happy.

Right my blueberry muffins are due out of the oven. More tomorrow.