Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Troubles With Tarmac

I did it, I finally gave in and turned the heating on last night.

It was only for an hour but I still felt defeated. Normally we can keep the heating off until October, or as in one memorable year, November. I am blessed with a warm house and since we've had the insulation put in the walls it is even warmer so our heating bill has fallen significantly but sitting on the settee at nine o'clock last night I decided it was time to stop shivering and just use what we've got. My cut off point is if I'm wearing a t shirt, jumper and cardigan and am still cold. I was wearing all those things and was thinking about fetching a blanket when I thought 'sod it' and switched the boiler on. Bliss!

My head cold is making big strides towards disappearing thank goodness. Although I still woke up with a heavy feeling in my nose and cheeks, I could breathe, which is a definite improvement. Also my sore throat is improving and my cough has stopped. Yay! I'm on the mend! Saturday's party is looking more likely with every hour.

It is a balmy 11c out there this morning, but very windy and threatening rain. My bit of fresh air was taken with some speed and, as there were no further ripened blackberries in evidence, I was soon back in the kitchen making a nice warm cuppa. I might fore go this afternoon's effort, I don't want to set my recovery back by getting all cold and wet.

I was really worried about Tarmac yesterday. It is now exactly a year since the vet told me he wouldn't live until Christmas. Now we are heading for another Christmas and he's still here. OK he has lost a bit of weight and he's not as lively as he was but then he's fifteen so you wouldn't expect him to be bouncing around like a teenager. Yesterday he didn't come to get me out of bed for his breakfast and when I found him curled up asleep under the rocking chair my heart did a little skip. A tentative stroke found him still to be breathing but he was definitely out of sorts. Apart from a couple of soirées out in the garden and a tentative mouthful or two of food he stayed there all day. I was torn between taking him to the vet, who would undoubtedly give me another dour prediction, or waiting to see what he was like in twenty four hours. A quick pummel of the tummy made me lean more towards the latter option as he obviously wasn't in pain, there was no guarding for instance, and he has done this before when he's eaten something that disagrees with him.

I woke up resolved to phone the vet as soon as they opened this morning but then I felt this weight on the bed and a little pink nose burrowed under the duvet as a loud purr announced Tarmac's desire to be fed. As soon as I moved he started to dig me out and he bounced down the stairs in front of me anxious for his breakfast.  When he finished he joined me back on the bed and curled up next to me, purring contentedly, as I read the papers. Normal service has been resumed and I can relax again, well until the next time.

Today I'm going to make some blueberry muffins but with a difference. I'm using blackberries instead. I'll let you know how they turn out. The rest of the day will be spent resting on the settee. Although I'm doing more now, my men insist that I spend at least a couple of hours each day immobile and resting. This actually suits me at the moment as Andrew, grateful for the loan for his bike, is keeping the house spic and span as a way of saying thank you. He returns to university on Sunday and I will miss him, not just for his housekeeping skills. It means that once again I'll be left on my own when Peter is out at work. Although I quite like the odd day of solitude, when I'm ill in particular, I like the feeling that there is someone else in the house should there be a problem.

Talking of Andrew, he got confirmation that he's passed his first year yesterday. I must say they left it a bit late but then he only finished his last placement ten days ago so it's not that surprising. I just hope they are more organised this year and give him the right amount of hours straight up so he doesn't have to spend next summer catching up again.

Well time for my morning cuppa and a look at the news though I suspect that won't take long. Am I the only one fed up to the back teeth of Syria at the moment? I know what is happening there is dreadful but do we have to have twenty minutes of repeating the same thing every bulletin?