Saturday, 21 September 2013

Nothing Goes To Plan, Again!

As is always the way what I thought was happening today isn't. Well not entirely.

I was up early after a truly dreadful night's sleep. I was still wide awake at three and after a fitful doze awake again at eight. This is not good. I'm still not tired now, well not exhausted as I was expecting. If I don't fall asleep in front of the TV tonight though it will be some sort of miracle.

I think I can lay the culprit down to something I did yesterday that I haven't done in years. I had a coffee. Not just a coffee but a cappuccino. Now I have drunk the odd coffee in the last few years but they have always been decaff. Yesterday, by accident I had a full blooded cup from Costa. We were doing the Tesco run and Andrew fancied a drink so said he was off to get a coffee. On impulse I decided to have one too and asked for a cappuccino. Off he went and it was only when he'd gone that I realised I'd forgotten to say decaff. I was pretty sure he'd remember though so didn't stress. My first sip alerted me to the fact this was not decaff and it tasted wonderful so I kept quite and enjoyed.

By the time I got home I was buzzing. It's the same with alcohol, I've been so long without it one glass of wine sends me over the edge. Of course I wasn't drunk just hyper and a little worried that my heart rate was going to go haywire. It didn't but I got a lot done in a very short space of time. I got the washing in, picked some blackberries and packed the shopping away. Then I sat down to rest but fidgeted all evening. By bedtime I was feeling a bit more relaxed so picked up my book confident that a chapter or two would be enough to send me off into the land of nod as usual. No such luck, half a book later I was still wide awake but turned the light off for Peter's sake. The rest you know.

So onto today's little dramas.

Late yesterday we got a call from the garage, the one we are buying Andrew's bike from, to say that they are one mechanic down and his bike would not be ready for collection this morning. Cue moody teenager for the rest of the day. Then this morning we got another call to say it might, might be ready late this afternoon but more likely Monday. Andrew is resigned but annoyed. I'm resigned to maybe having to cut the party short to get over to Letchworth. No mean feat considering the party is in Ascot but at least I'm having a quieter than expected morning.

We also had a late night call from Laurence to say his car has been in the garage since first thing Friday morning and he might get it back late this morning. If he doesn't then we are going to have to race up to Rushden in Northants to pick him up and then hurtle down the motorway to get to the party. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will be able to drive himself down or it's going to be an extremely busy, and stressed, afternoon.

Tomorrow could be a nightmare. Taking one child to Rushden and the other to Hatfield. Arrgghhhh!

I'll worry about that tomorrow as today I have a party to look forward too. I'm so excited! I did something I almost never do and went out and bought some cosmetics. I always wear mascara and a little foundation to try and make my skin tone appear normal. It is usually an unattractive shade of purple on a white background. I look as though I've died. Anyway, I didn't want anything too obvious or extravagant so I bought a new mascara that's supposed to thicken, curl, fan out and lengthen my lashes as well as enhance my eye colour. Really? No sure about that, I mostly bought it because I liked the shape of the tube. To that I added a small pallet of three complimenting eye shadows in neutral pinks and beige, I'm going for the not made up, made up look. And finally topped it all off with a grey eyeliner. All I've got to do now is apply the stuff without getting it in my eye or smudging it all over the rest of my face. I already have some tinted lip gloss for special occasions so didn't bother with lipstick.

I have to say I felt quite girly picking things up and putting them down and holding several colours trying to make a decision as to which one to get. If I'm successful I might start wearing make up more often. I've even toyed with the idea of getting my hair cut, again, but decided that was to drastic to get done in a rush.

I've added a little picture to this blog that I was told more or less sums me us. See what you think.

Party report tomorrow.