Friday, 20 September 2013

Go! Go! Go!

Another Friday, another row with my drug delivery company.

Ever since I've been having drugs delivered it has always been on a Friday morning between eight and one. I've had that slot for over two years. Today, the ONE Friday I've dared to arrange to go out this afternoon it changes. Even worse it changed and nobody bothered to tell me. I always check on their website for delivery times as they tend to narrow down on the day. I logged in expecting to see something like ten to twelve or similar and saw two to four. What! I was straight on it and, maintaining a polite but furious tone, explained to the bloke on the end of the phone that such a change without notification wasn't on. Fortunately I got hold of someone who was entirely sympathetic. He told me to leave it with him and he'd ring me back. I hung up not really expecting him to do so but he was as good as his word and ten minutes later he was telling me that my delivery would be here before eleven. It arrived at 10.55. Result!

I enjoyed yesterday at work, though it was a struggle, and by lunch time I was wondering whether I'd actually done the right thing but I caught my second wind and made it. Now I've got three days to rest up before a four day stint.

Well I say rest but actually it's going to be a bit all go.

Today we are taking Andrew out to get all the bits and pieces he needs for uni which starts on Monday. Tomorrow we are picking up his new bike in the morning and then are off to a party in the afternoon. Sunday we are taking Andrew's stuff down to uni and settling him in. Busy enough but all this has been complicated by Laurence's car breaking down on Wednesday night. It needs a new clutch and will hopefully be fixed today. If it isn't we are going to have to collect him, take him to the party, it is Andrew and Laurence's Godfather's birthday, and then take him back home. So much for a restful weekend.

Once again I'm left wondering why everything always happens at once. With so much on now would not be the ideal time for 'the call' but I know that's not going to happen. Tomorrow it is nine months since I was put on the list. I can't help but feel a bit down but I am just a baby in the waiting stakes. There are people out there who have been waiting way longer than me, some of them years longer and not even a false alarm. I suspect a false alarm would make the wait even more agonizing and feel doubly sorry for those that have experienced it. On the other hand at least they know what to expect when the real call does come.

Death came a little bit closer today, in the form of Smirnoff. I was drinking from a cup when he jumped on the desk and nudged the bottom of said cup to say hello. Cue lots of spluttering and coughing and a wet shirt. That would be a way to go. 'Death by cat', surely a worthy entry in the stupid deaths category. Bless him, he was only being friendly and gets called a 'stupid cat', he has now stalked off in disgust. I think it is going to be one of those days.

Doesn't look much like an assassin does he.

I'm off up the garden when I've dried off. A load of blackberries have just become ready to pick and I want them before the birds get them. At this rate I'm going to have more blackberries in the freezer than anything else. Brilliant!

Well got to unpack and check my delivery. I just hope they haven't forgotten anything this time round.