Monday, 9 September 2013

Listening to Reason

I have listened to my telling off and am staying at home.

Well when I say I listened it was more a case of my body hijacking my brain as I slept soundly through my alarm and was finally woken at nine by the rain hammering on my window with the cat purring by my side wondering when he was going to get breakfast.

This excessive tiredness is worrying me a bit. For the last five or six days, come nine o'clock, I have difficulty staying awake and by ten I'm out like a light. I then sleep heavily through the night and wake up still tired. The last time I felt like this was when I was teaching and would come home and fall fast asleep at four in the afternoon. On the plus side my little machines have shown a definite improvement overnight. Although my ribs are still sore my oxygen sats have gone up to 91% and my heart is firmly back in a slow sinus rhythm, so whatever started this latest bought of feeling unwell has passed. I just hope it doesn't come back. However another problem has reared it's ugly head. I have woken up with a streaming cold. Terrific!

So it is another day on the settee. My men are being protective and refusing to let me even make my own tea. They say I look tired, now I always 'look' tired, it goes with the territory so for the men in the house to notice and comment on it means I must look like hell. In the mirror I can see the dark black circles under my eyes are now extending upward so with the pale skin I look a bit like a panda. There is clearly something amiss, I just don't know what. I know I don't have a chest infection, the GP has confirmed that so I'm hoping the tests at the Brompton, when I get a date and time, will clear things up. It could just be that I just need some time out to recharge the batteries.

Last night I did something that I wasn't expecting to do so soon. I dug out my slipper socks as my bare feet were freezing. I know I wanted a drop in temperature but I was rather hoping it would be another few weeks before I had to put on socks and jumpers and at least a month before we started using the central heating again. Andrew said that although cool it wasn't cold in his opinion so on reflection maybe I was running a bit of a temperature. I'm OK this morning so we'll see how it goes.

Andrew is currently driving me mad as he looks for a new bike. His current machine was only meant as a starter bike and, as he is now allowed to ride something more powerful he is anxious to upgrade. This of course is creating a whole raft of conflicting emotions for me.

When he first mentioned changing I gave him an option. I would pay for the insurance on the 156, yes we still haven't got rid of it because Peter hasn't finished tweaking it, for a year if he preferred to spend the winter in more comfortable transport. To give him his due he did think long and hard about it but finally rejected the idea. This year he will be doing even more placements in London. Having a bike means easier parking, being able to nip in and out of traffic jams and better fuel economy. Too be honest he won his argument. I know he is a safe rider, he's seen too many accidents not to be, but he is not the problem, it's other drivers. He's promised not to get anything too powerful, what he really wants is a more comfortable ride and something he can put panniers on so he can keep his equipment and spare uniform dry. And as he is twenty in less than three weeks, I will have to bite my tongue and let him get on with it. Whoever said children gave you less stress when they become adults was lying.

I spoke to Laurence on the phone yesterday. He is not giving me any stress at the moment and we had a lovely long chat culminating in a promise to get together on his next weekend off.

In the news Prince Andrew is furious that he was challenged when entering Buckingham Palace in broad daylight. OK the officers involved should have recognised him but is he really right to kick up such a stink about it? Personally, in his position I'd be delighted that my elderly parents were being so well guarded. I suspect his pride was hurt, hence all the fuss. Prince Andrew has never taken his own importance lightly.

Time for another cuppa and then a lie down, I've only just got up but I feel like I've pulled an all nighter. I just wish I knew why.