Sunday, 29 September 2013

Recipe For a Quiet Life

I woke up this morning in the sure and certain knowledge that for once I don't have to do anything, well except prepare food, which I like doing anyway.

I started my day with breakfast in bed and the papers where I spent a happy hour tearing out recipes from the supplements, as is my habit. I do this quite a lot as there can be some little gems hidden away amongst the perfume adverts and TV reviews. Today I've gather a chocolate and Guinness gateau, a chicken thing and a shepherd's pie.

I tend to ferret them away in my little recipe book and try them when in the mood. Some get thrown away before I start as a second look makes them too complicate or time consuming. Others are tried once and disguarded while the rest are marked up as being suitable for special occasions or become a firm favourites and enjoyed on a regular basis. These are then copied out into my recipe book just in case I loose the page. I am so glad I'm off next week, with the weather getting too cool to sit out in the garden and read I'm turning more and more to my winter hobby of cooking up a storm.

Yesterday afternoon I finally got to rest and enjoyed Carry On Nurse while the men in the house, and the neighbours, clucked and fussed over the new bike, now named Lara, fixing top boxes and working out which bit does what. The alarm still hasn't been mastered however, and goes off every time Andrew starts the thing up. He his going on the motorway on it for the first time later today when he returns to uni. My heart will be in my mouth.

Before that though I've got to get through this morning and I can't describe the sheer joy of not having to make up sandwiches for the week or ironing everything or rushing around trying to fit everything in. I am going to do a bit of washing but that is purely because it is good drying weather out there at the moment and an opportunity not to be missed.

The garden is now awash with fallen leaves and the colours around the village are gorgeous. Having said all that I'm amazed that over the last few days I've been able to stand outside and chat in short sleeves without feeling chilly. Strange weather I must say but welcomed nevertheless. I just hope it lasts until after I get back from Canterbury.

The mystery of the name of the new drug seems to be solved. Several people have come forward with the suggestion 'Veletri' which, although still doesn't sound familiar, is a good fit with me remembering it started with a 'V'. Obviously I'll confirm this when I actually get the stuff.

Strictly Watch

Could they have given Vanessa a more appropriate song to dance too? 'That Don't Impress Me Much', no kidding, surely Vanessa has to be the first to leave. I did like the way she put Craig in his place though.

Dave Myers fulfilled my every wish and was hilariously hopeless but it was clear he was having a ball and succeeded in reducing the judges to tears, one bonus point to him. That is one dance well worth watching again. Deborah and Fiona also did unexpectedly well though both were crippled by nerves. Hopefully as the series goes on that will improve and we should see some good dancing from them. I am so pleased for Anton who expressed a hope that he make it into December this year, and so say all of us.

I have a theory about Anton. I think he is given the no hopers so that should Sir Bruce fall ill during the series Anton will be able to take over having gone out in the early stages.

The best of the rest were Abby Clancy and Paul Robinson and they, along with Suzanna Reed, are my early front runners. Of course nobody goes home this week and the competition starts properly next Saturday so we get to see everyone again, joy!

My prize for most annoying competitor goes to Julien. Yes I know he's Welsh and I should be supporting him but the man just wouldn't shut up. It was like watching a kid who'd just overdosed on jelly beans.

My tips to leave next week are Julien, Mark, Dave or Vanessa. I think it will be Vanessa but then what do I know?

Right time to hang the washing out and then an hour with my book before preparing lunch.