Monday, 16 September 2013

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Well the predicted high winds didn't materialise overnight and the morning is bright and sunny. It's flipping cold though and breezy. I'm a bit disappointed as lying in a warm cozy bed listening to the wind and/or rain is one of my little pleasures in life.

Another of life's little pleasure is travelling.
Hawaii, so looking forward to a return some day.
I loved to travel, as anyone who knows me well will testify my favourite destination was Italy, quickly followed by Hawaii. Both destinations will be visited again as soon as I am given the all clear. Being grounded I now take my pleasure from hearing about other peoples holidays. I love seeing their pictures and hearing about what they did, what they ate, how hot is was etc. Now I'm not claiming to be a saint. Of course I feel twinges of jealousy from time to time but I would never deny them the pleasure. I'm also finding it useful as I'm slowly building up a picture of what places are like and whether I'd want to go there. It's like having my very own set of travel guides who are being brutally honest and not just trying to earn commission off me.

So far I've chalked up South America, Peru in particular, Mexico, Australia and Thailand as all places I've never been but want to go. Here's hoping.

As part of my 'get back on my feet' routine I've begun taking a bit of a turn around the garden a couple of times a day. This ensures I get the prescribed 'fresh air' but means I can nip back inside if I get too cold. My heart breaks at the state of the garden. There are so many brambles everywhere but closer inspection revealed masses of blackberries. I rushed back in and got a bowl and spent a happy ten minutes or so filling it. There are so many berries that I'm going to be able to freeze some. I feel a glut of blackberry and apple pies and crumbles coming on this winter. I might even try a blackberry ice cream. So, for the near future at least, my garden strolls will include a bit of berry picking. It's only a little thing but it has really cheered me up.
Even better Andrew has promised to cut everything back as soon as all the berries are collected so at least I wont have to sit and look at a messy garden through the winter months.

That's another of the things I can't wait to get back to, doing a bit of gardening. There was nothing I liked more on a bright spring day than getting the flower beds ready for planting or trimming back the herb garden. In autumn it was pruning, sweeping up leaves, planting bulbs and generally readying the garden for winter. Now I can still do a bit of light pruning but my efforts are no match for the rampaging force of nature. Arrgghhh! The sheer frustration is driving me nuts!

Oh Yum!

On Friday it will be nine months since I was put on the transplant list. Although the wait has been frustrating, and sometimes disheartening, the passing of the nine month barrier gives me renewed hope because I'm now entering the 'average' wait time period as quoted by the surgeon. It almost feels as though I've been counting off the last eight months just to get to the 'average wait time' window. Maybe I'm stupid but I really feel I'm in with a better chance now. And, as I'm always saying to myself, each day that passes without a call brings me one step closer to getting it.

I was delighted to get a call from my supervisor this morning. Everyone has been quite worried it seems and are hoping I'm on the road to recovery. It is nice to know that there are people out there thinking about me. And for all my moaning about the job I really do work with some lovely, supportive people.
Well it's back to the settee for my afternoon rest and then maybe, if the rain holds off, another quick turn around the garden before dusk.