Saturday, 7 September 2013

Strictly Excited

Well tonight is the night folks. I will be doing my meds slightly early so I can sit and watch an uninterrupted two hours of sheer bliss. Of course the real competition doesn't get going until the series starts properly on 27th but tonight will be a mouth watering teaser. Although the contestants have already been announced, who they are dancing with hasn't. Tonight they will be matched up with their professional partners, please don't give Vanessa to Anton, he deserves better, and will do a little group dance so we can start to get a measure of the talent or lack of it. Bruce will be there forgetting his lines and making unfunny jokes, Tess will be in some hideous creation that she can barely walk in and the Judges will over react to everything. You just can't beat it.

So before all the excitement how am I doing?

Well a bit of a mixed bag really. I feel OK sitting watching TV or at my desk typing away on my computer but anything more active than that reduces me to a wheezing, sweating, blue mess. My stomach is like a hard little football and I'm finding it hard to eat as I feel full after just a couple of mouthfuls. I've experienced this before and I am fearful of what they might say at the Brompton. I'm even more fearful that I'll end up being admitted but we'll see. Hopefully all I need is a couple of tweaks here and there and I'll be back on an even keel. It might be that I need to increase the diuretics on a more permanent basis, instead of just the week I did when I last had problems.

At the moment I'm not sure whether work will be an option on Monday. I have another day and a half to decided. In some ways I wish they'd managed to book my tests for the Monday to give me an extra day and allow me to have some reassurance first. Current thinking to to stay off and wait in for the phone call and go back after I've had the tests. See I can be sensible from time to time.

Yesterday I received the fabulous 'LIVE! GIVE! t shirt to raise awareness for organ donation. The deal is you get a 'free' t shirt and send them a picture of you wearing it that they can use in their campaign. Once they have the system up and running all t shirt recipients will be asked to make a donation. Here is the picture I sent. Yes I know it is dreadful but I was feeling terrible and it took all my strength just to stand long enough. I know, I know, I could have sat in my wheelchair or on my trike but I don't like being seen like that. The motorbike is Andrew's.

Just hurry up and take the damned picture!

Later on Peter had to go and pick something up from Hemel Hempstead so I went along for the ride. I love being out in the car when I'm not feeling too good, it really lifts my spirits.

I also had a call from my cousin Jenny. Her little boy Luke wanted to tell me how he was going to be fund raising for charity by reading a book while hanging upside down from monkey bars. He was so excited and his Australian accent so strong I could barely understand him but he made me smile, which was just what I needed. Later on Facebook Jen told me how he'd told his father about the phone call and announced that 'Aunty Hazel has a REAL English accent'. Being Welsh I'm not quite sure how I feel about that but it still made me grin. December cannot come soon enough when I get to meet this little live wire for real.

Today I'm going to be wheeled around Tesco's while I look for some treats to keep me going. It will also be a good test of how I'm really feeling. Then the rest of the day will be spent tucked up on the settee with a book and a bag of Tangtastics.

The garden is now awash with fallen leaves and with each gust of wind more tumble down. Autumn is definitely making it's presence felt but for me, and others who suffer with breathing problems, the drop in temperature is most welcome. My last summer dress went into the wash yesterday and once it has been ironed it will be put away with the others until next year. At the moment I don't waste money on new clothing if I can help it a) because our summers have come and gone in a blink of an eye, and b) because I am never sure I'm going to still be around to wear them next year and c) I hate buying new clothes just because the ones I have are not 'this seasons colour' etc. I also have the 'can I wear it' problem where everything has to accommodate my pump. I think my bank balance is going to get a hammering when I finally get my transplant. In the meantime I've just ordered a sweater and a pair of comfy slippers off the Internet. Living on the edge, that's me.

Storm clouds over Harlington

Well time to sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea and write up a shopping list for Peter, just in case I don't feel like going out after all.