Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A Monday Miracle!

Well what a Monday!

The news that I couldn't share in yesterday's blog is that my friend and fellow PH sufferer Kath Graham got her new heart and lungs after a massive two year wait.

I cannot tell you the raft of emotions I went through on hearing the news. I'm pleased to say my first emotion was pure joy for Kath. I know having spoken to her that she was beginning to think she'd never get the call but it came in the early hours of Monday morning and she went into theatre at 10 am. She was called along with two other people to see who would be the best match. How cruel! I cannot imagine how Kath must have felt sitting there waiting. I suspect that, when she heard she was going to get the organs, the relief must have been overwhelming, while at the same time feeling sadness and guilt for those being sent home. At least thats how I'd feel.

I also admit to having a little weep, partly through jealousy  but mostly through fear. I could not help but think of Anne and selfishly prayed that I would not be deprived of yet another friend.

Kath's miracle could not have happened without the selflessness of the donor and their family and I sent up a quite prayer of thanks for their overwhelming generosity. Please, if you have ever thought of becoming a donor please speak to your family and sign the organ donor register. Just follow the link on the right or type in the website shown here.

Unable to sit still I decided to do what most females do when stressed. I went shopping.

First stop was Pizza Hut for an 'all you can eat buffet'. As all I can usually eat is a few lettuce leaves and a dollop of potato salad this was rather wasted on me. However, and I don't know whether this was down to pure anxiety, I did manage three small slices of pizza and a bowl of salad. From there we went onto L'Occitane where I spent a happy half hour smelling everything. I finally settled on a perfume called Ambre. It's heavier than my usual perfumes but it is a nice change.

From there we pottered around Boots, where I bought a pot of Ponds Cold Cream, which I love, and some nail hardener, essential with all the keyboard tapping I do day in day out. A browse around the book shops followed where Peter manged to find three books that he wanted. I restrained myself having a pile of twenty something books waiting to be read at home already. Finally on our way out of the shopping center we passed one of those old fashioned sweet shops and I couldn't resist. I bought some cough candies and clove drops, which I adore and Peter got some mega sour apples that actually make his eyes water.

I'd resisted checking my phone for news while out so the first thing I did on returning home was log onto my computer for any news. There wasn't, which I took as an encouraging sign and busied myself in the kitchen washing up and making tea to pass another half hour. I then sat on the settee and tried to read but couldn't concentrate so I tried watching TV but it was just mobile wallpaper. In the end I gave up and wandered around the garden picking blackberries and wading through cook books planning meals for the rest of the week.

By ten I was shattered so with one last glance at my phone, still nothing, I went to bed where, in the dark, all my fears and disappointment rose to the surface and I spent a tearful and restless night.

This morning I was delighted to hear that the news from Papworth is good. Kath is in ICU, which is to be expected, and is doing well. Hopefully there will be nothing but good news from here on and Kath can enjoy a PH free life at last.

Today is going to be very quiet. I'm exhausted after yesterday's trip out and such a bad night. I think I might even go as far as having an afternoon nap. If I can't settle I'll turn my hand to some blackberry and apple crumble as cooking always seems to calm me down.

Hopefully I'll have even better news for you tomorrow.