Sunday, 8 September 2013

Strictly Fruity

I managed yesterday's trip to Tesco rather well, though I did have to use my trike rather than walk as I'd normally do. I came away with bananas, peaches, plumbs, melon, blueberries, cherries and strawberries. Most of which will be eaten as they come but the blueberries and bananas, plus a strawberry or two will be going into a smoothie later today. I also bought a couple of boxes of Complan and some soup. Yes the battle to stop loosing weight is back on. Also the Complan will give me a vitamin and mineral boost, something I think I'm in dire need of.

While whizzing around the shop I was stopped by a woman who was overcome with admiration for my trike. She wanted to know everything about it. Where I got it, how much it cost and how easy it was to use. I told her as much as I could in a crowded bread aisle and then gave her the website. The amount of trade I've sent Travel Scoot's way I should be claiming commission.

I was also stopped by two people who were very interested in my back and wanted to take pictures of it. I was wearing the Live! Give! t shirt, which has one of those fancy code things that takes you to the organ donor site if your phone has a bar code reader. Lets hope these two used the code to sign up and didn't just do it for curiosity. I think this t shirt is going to be worn in as many public places as possible, if I get two people interested each trip then it will all be worth while.

I fell asleep on the way home and was practically carried into the house and dumped on the settee while Peter and Andrew rushed around putting the shopping away. I was presented with a cuppa and left to doze until tea time.

With Strictly on at the time when I'm usually knee deep in bottles, needles and lines I decided to do something I very, very rarely do and alter the time I go through my line change and drug mixing. It's a bit naughty and I try not to do it but I have been told that I can be up to an hour early or late as long as I don't make a habit of it. Routine is the key to keeping things ticking over nicely.

Drugs done and armed with a can of ginger beer and a bag of cherries I was ready.

Strictly Watch

Yay! It's back and the introduction show produced a few surprises, one or two comic moments and a few disappointments too.

The disappointment was that Vincent and Flavia would not be taking part. I am genuinely upset about this as they were two of my favourites. However we did see the lovely Flavia when she and Lewis Smith performed their Charleston to show this year's contestants what's expected. Some of them looked very worried indeed.

The pairings are usually a bit hit and miss and so it was this year. We have five new dancers and as is usual most of them got paired off with the 'least likely to get past week five' contestants. The more established professionals got the cream of the crop with one or two notable exceptions.

Karen Hauer ended up with hairy bike David Myers much to the shock and amazement of fellow bike Si. His face showed a mixture of disbelief that Myers had landed such a beauty and wistful longing, maybe he was wishing he was also in the show.

Aliona got landed with Tony Jacklin but may be pleasantly surprised and Robin got Deborah Meaden, I don't think he's going to be surprised at all. The happiest man in the building must have been Anton, who for once has been give someone who probably won't win but will keep him in for a good few weeks. Fiona Fullerton.

However the best laugh came when the show's bad boy, James Jordan, was landed with this year's female turkey, Vanessa Feltz. He vainly tried to look delighted but his eyes were shouting 'help!'. I would not be at all surprised if poor Ola had to put up with a massive rant once they got home.

The male turkey comes in the portly form of Mark Benton who I suspect will be using the series as a slimming aid, that's if he gets further than the first show.

The group dance was a shambles, as always but it was instantly obvious that Myers has no rhythm or timing. Craig is going to have a field day with him.

Finally Bruce and Tess, well the least said about Tess's dress the better. Bruce however is causing a few concerns. I know I've said before it will not be the same without Brucie but to be frank, I don't think this year is going to be the same with Brucie. He seemed a bit flustered at times and there are reports that he was so bad that it took five hours to record last night's show. I bet they are really looking forward to the live shows if that was the case.

I can't predict a winner yet, give me a chance but first out could be Mark, Vanessa, Tony or Dave. Roll on the proper start on the 27th September.

Right time to scurry down and thrown something in a pot before the Grand Prix.