Sunday, 22 September 2013

Party On Dude!

Oh my gosh I can't tell you how much I enjoyed yesterday. I'm not a big lover of barbecue's, as you know, I've complained about the neighbours efforts plenty of times, but it is different when you are in attendance.

Laurence's car was not ready as it turned out so while I cooked lunch Peter set off on a one and a half hour round trip to pick him up. By either a stroke of luck, or as I like to call it immaculate timing, I placed a bowl of pasta with spicy chilli sauce in their hands as they walked through the door. After eating I left the boys to talk while I got changed and made up, a process that took all of ten minutes, and we were ready to go.

I elected to drive down and apart from a couple of hang ups we got there by early afternoon. The party took place in a huge back garden and there were tables and chairs set out plus a gazebo in case it rained. It wasn't crowded but there were enough bodies to make a decent get together and I recognised a fair few faces from host, and birthday boy, Andy's wedding to Cira (I'm sure I've spelt that wrong, sorry). Introductions done we handed over our present of Welsh Whiskey which was accepted with delight by the host and admired by everyone else. I was delighted as Welsh Whiskey is usually derided but most there seemed not only to have tasted it but liked it.

Despite being outside I didn't feel cold, which suprised me but the weather had warmed up considerably since last week. If it had been a sunny day I probably could have sat there in short sleeves, as it was I kept my fleece on and was quite comfortable. There was a wide variety of drinks available including, to my absolute delight Dandelion and Burdock. The taste took me straight back to childhood parties, I must get some on my next shopping trip.

While I was enjoying a welcomed drink Laurence and Andrew were getting acquainted with a large and boisterous German Shepherd call Holly. Now as a family we are not dog people. Peter and Laurence are allergic to them and Laurence is nervous of them having been badly bitten as a child. However Holly was a delight. Well behaved and playful it wasn't long before Laurence was giving her bits off his plate and Andrew was playing fetch with her.

As designated driver I stuck to the D&B despite numerous alcoholic temptations and decided to get high on jelly beans instead. The food was wonderful and I was pleased to see a wide variety of salads available. Cira (sorry) is from the Ukraine so some of the items were new to me. In particular there was, what on the face of it, looked like a beetroot salad but when you ate it there was also tuna and egg buried in it and it was absolutely my favourite thing there. I meant to ask for the recipe but forgot so I'll make the request by email instead.

The drive home was problem free but I was almost two hours late for my drug regime. Eek! I got it done in double quick time and suffered no ill effects, thank goodness but next time I'm taking everything with me, just in case.

We finished the day lounging around in front of the TV and everyone ended up going to bed fairly early.

Today is another busy one. Mid morning Peter drove Laurence home while I prepared a casserole and popped it in the oven. I thought a casserole, once in the oven, would be the easiest option as it doesn't matter if it is served late. It will just sit and simmer for as long as you want. And thanks to my new gadget I got the veg prepared in double quick time. That thing is becoming a lifesaver, it's brilliant.

As Peter's car is now MOT less until Tuesday my little Mito is the only car, out of three, currently road legal so that is complicating things a bit. Hence all the rushing around trying to fit everything in this weekend. When Peter gets back, I'm expecting him about midday, we will pack the car with all Andrew's stuff, sit down for lunch and then head for Hatfield. I tell you I am so, so looking forward to later this afternoon when I can make some cheese on toast, grab a can of ginger beer and collapse onto the settee until I retire for an early night.

I have four days in work and then I'm off for two weeks holiday. I think I'm going to need it.

Well time to get myself a cuppa and read the paper before the madness starts all over again. Next blog Friday.