Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Vampire Alley

 Jab, Jab. "Oh you have a lot of scar tissue here." Jab, Jab.
"Yes that's because I have a lot of blood tests."
"It is really tough getting the needle in." Final big jab and she finally finds a vein.
"Maybe that's because you are using a blunt needle." Smiles sweetly while thinking 'yes and I'm going to have another bloody scar the way you are going.'
Walking away from this trainee NHS torturer I spot one of my colleagues from work who is there with her mum. We chat while I pat  Peggy her guide dog.

Tesco is quiet for once and we whiz  around, I manage to resists adding to my tomato juice collection but sadly cannot stop myself from picking up a large bag of Haribo Tangtastics. I eat them on the way home and suffer a huge sugar rush and a bout of nausea for my greed.

I arrive home to find youngest sprawled on the settee, I have had three phone calls since going out. Two appear to be sales calls but the other is from Care At Home who want to arrange delivery of the next 3 months supply of drugs.I call them back and we agree on Tuesday. I am informed that I will be receiving extra to cover the 9 dose regime. Where am I going to put them all?